You can actually make money on without worrying too much about the risk involve. If you’ve heard of the platform and are yet to create an account, well you might want to open one now as I’ll be sharing 3 easy ways you can make risk-free money on

For those who don’t know, is cryptocurrency exchange and market platform. You can read all about the platform from this article and get to know it better. Also note that this article is not a financial advice. Its something I tried out and it worked for me hence I’m sharing it.

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And for personal reasons, I won’t sharing screenshots of my earnings. However, I’ll explain each process and give steps on how to go about using these methods.

3 Ways to make money on

1. SuperCharger

The supercharge is a reward platform from the company that allows you to stake your coins (CRO) and get rewarded with other coins or tokens. This means, for every CRO coin you stake, there is a coin or token for you farm. And the percentage of the coin or token you’ll get as a reward depends on the amount of CRO coin you staked.

This is how it works. Let’s assume you have 2,000 CRO and SuperCharger is currently farming Shiba Inu. There are other users who have also staked their CRO coin to farm the Shiba Inu. At the end of the farming or charging period, your percentage will be calculated based on what you staked. And you’ll then get a free Shiba Inu coin.

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How to use the SuperCharger
  1. Create a free account and log in
  2. Using the App, Click on the Logo at the middle (bottom of App)
  3. Under Finance, click on Supercharger
  4. Deposit your CRO COIN
  5. Click the Charge Now button
  6. Agree to the Terms and conditions

Note that the charging period for each token is different. The longest charging period I’ve experienced is 45 days and the reward period was also 45 days. But most times, the charging and reward period is 30 days.

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Users can also withdraw their CRO COIN from the Supercharger anytime. But note that your current CRO coin balance on the supercharger will be used to calculate your reward. The minimum CRO coin you can stake is $100 worth of CRO.

You must log in and accept your reward at the end of the charging period. If you don’t, your daily reward won’t be credited until you do. Good thing is, always sends out emails and app notifications for users to accept their reward.

The next way to make money on is even more interesting. And this time, it requires you to make a little short term investment.

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2. EARN EARN is a feature on the platform that allows you to make short term investment using your available coins or tokens. You can select how long you want to hold your coin and you get up to 6% of your coin per annum or yearly.

This is how it works. Assuming you have $500 worth of CRO COIN and you want to make more money with EARN. You have give the $500 to to hold for at most 3 months. After three months, will release the coin for you to use and start crediting you every 7 days.

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Note that the percentage you earn depends on the coin and duration will hold your coin. Below is how to use the EARN feature on

How to use EARN
  1. Create a free account and log in
  2. Using the App, Click on the Logo at the middle (bottom of App)
  3. Under Finance, click on EARN
  4. Select the duration you want your asset to be held (its on a 3 month term by default)
  5. Click on the Start Earning Now button
  6. Select your preferred cryptocurrency and tick the term you want your coin to be held. Click the Continue button
  7. Accept the terms and conditions

The minimum amount you can invest here is $200 worth of your preferred coin. Note that will pay you back in the coin you invested it. For example, if your investment is in Shiba Inu, will also pay you back in Shiba Inu.

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Also, you only have access to your coin after the term duration. You can not withdraw the coin from till the term duration has elapsed. This brings us to the third way you can make money on, “Borrowing.”

3. Credit Credit is a feature that allows you to borrow coin from the platform. All you have to do is deposit your coin as collateral. According to, you can pay back in your own time, there is no late fee and no deadline.

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Approval for getting this loan is instant and only verified users that has coin to deposit as collateral have access to use this feature.

How to use Credit
  1. Create a free account and log in
  2. Using the App, Click on the Logo at the middle (bottom of App)
  3. Under Finance, click on CREDIT
  4. Click on DEPOSIT Now button
  5. Select your preferred cryptocurrency and enter the amount you want to deposit as collateral
  6. Accept the terms and conditions

Note that if you fail to pay back the loan, will seize the collateral. Also, you can’t withdraw the coin you used as collateral when you borrowed from EARN.

These are the three ways you can easily make money on My two favorites are the supercharger and EARN.

If you have any question please leave them in the comment section below or send us a message using the Contact Us page.

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