It seems MediaTek is set to launch a new chipset under the Dimensity lineup. From rumors and press release leaks so far, the new MediaTek Dimensity chip will be called the Dimensity 1300T. And it appears it will be used in tablets devices.

The full specs of the Dimensity 1300T is not available yet but it seems it will be an upgrade of the Dimensity 1200. If it happens to be an upgrade then we should see some similarities but upgrades in major areas like CPU, GPU, and AI performance.

MediaTek Dimensity 1300T rumoured specs

From the leaks so far, below are some of the rumoured specs of the MediaTek Dimensity 1300T

  • Build on 6nm manufacturing node
  • ARM Cortex-A78 CPU cores
  • 9 GPU cores
  • Mali-G77 MC9 GPU
  • 6-core APU 3.0

None of the specs above is confirmed officially but it won’t be father than these specs. According to some test, comparing the Dimensity 1300T to the 1200, Snapdragon 865, and 870 shows some major improvements. It’s said that its CPU is 30% better, it’s GPU is 40% better, and it’s AI performance is 82% better.

Well, if the numbers are correct then this new MediaTek Dimensity 1300T would be a really powerful chipset. There is no news if the chipset is 5G enabled but it appears the chip is a game focused SoC. It make use of the recently-upgraded MediaTek HyperEngine for game optimization.

Dimensity 1300T
Press release showing the Dimensity 1300T

A press release has confirmed that the Dimensity 1300T will debut on Honor’s next tablet. It also appears that Honor have six months of exclusivity for the chip. We still don’t know which Honor tablet in particular will be making use of this new chipset.

A gaming chipset with the letter “T” at the end doesn’t really seem game like. But, the reports also stated that the Dimensity 1300T will be unveiled by Honor in an event come July 26. And it appears the chipset is the highest of the Dimensity 1300 series to be unveil. More updates coming soon.

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