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MediaTek helio G96 vs MediaTek helio G95: Comparison

MediaTek helio G96 vs MediaTek helio G95: The Taiwanese chipset producer, MediaTek, has announced the Helio G96 chip which is expected to be the upgraded version of the Helio G95 chipset.

The Mediatek helio G96 chipset supports 108MP camera and 120 Hz refresh rate. But something cogent went missing. Which is the support for 5G connectivity. It’s disappointing that while the future is 5G, the sun has not yet set on the Helio line of MediaTek chipsets. So like it’s predecessor Helio G95, the Helio G96 remains 4G supported only.

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When it comes to CPU, the Mediatek helio G95 and helio G96 are the same. Both feature 2x Cortex-A76 cores clocked at 2.05 GHz and six A55 cores.


While when it comes to GPU, the Mediatek helio G95 is better than MediaTek helio G96 chipset. Making me wonder what is refreshed or upgraded about this newly announced chipset.

MediaTek helio G96 GPU: Mali-G57 MC2
MediaTek helio G95 GPU: Mali-G76 MC4

From what’s above, the Mediatek helio G96 GPU is a clear downgrade.

Display & Camera

The Mediatek helio G96, however, has some significant upgrades. First, it supports 120 Hz refresh rate unlike the Helio G95 that can only support 90Hz.

Secondly, the Mediatek Helio G96 chipset supports up to 108MP max camera resolution. Unlike the Helio G95 that only supports 64MP camera.

Additional upgrades include support for faster LTE (Cat 13 downlink), faster storage (UFS 2.2) and a newer Bluetooth version (5.2).

MediaTek helio G96 vs MediaTek helio G95: Conclusion

At a time when it was expected that a 5G connectivity would finally come to a helio lineup chipsets, MediaTek blew it. So we’re left with only few noticeable upgrade here.

First, the Helio G95 and helio G96 have similar CPU speed. Secondly, the Mediatek helio G95 is still better in GPU, which is a flaw on the Helio G96. Thirdly, the Helio G96 can now support 108MP max camera resolution. Fourthly, it can also support 120 Hz refresh rate which is better than the 90 Hz on G95 chip.

Comment below what you think about the Mediatek helio G96 vs MediaTek helio G95 chipset comparison. Do you think it is a worthy upgrade?






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  1. Maj Avatar

    MediaTek should have made the G96 with 4 Mali G57 cores and G88 with 2 Mali G57 cores.

  2. John williamson Avatar
    John williamson

    Hi everyone good information

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