The number telecom company in Nigeria has come online to deny any customer reward program for the new year. As we enter the 2021, news of an MTN new year customer reward program has been flying around. Well, it seems the people behind this news are all out to scam you.

News flying around state that MTN is giving free 100GB data and/or 50,000 Naira cash price to customers for the new year celebration. Well, it seems MTN has nothing to do with this news flying around.

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On a Tweet by MTN dated 4th of Januray, the telecom company a said they are not doing any reward program for their customers. See tweet from MTN below

So you are adviced to ignore such messages or calls whne you recieve them. As MTN won’t be held responsible if you fall victim for fraudsters. The question is, if its not MTN sending these messages then who is?

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It seems somethings won’t change even as we change to a brand new year. Fraudsters are still picking up from where they left off in 2020. You are adviced to stay woke and don’t fall victim.

On the other hand, it would be nice if MTN gave out 100GB worth of data to its customers. Its not such a bad idea right? LOL. It’s still too early to fall victim to fraud, stay safe guys.

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