MTN Short Codes are very useful especially when you need to get answers or find quick solutions to some problems. I think the main focus is not if MTN Nigeria have enough short codes to cover all it’s operations but if you actually know these short codes. There are whole lots of things you can easily do without having to contact MTN customer care or visiting any MTN center.

MTN Short Codes are USSD codes from MTN that can be used by their customers to perform basic to advance operations all by themselves. Another interesting part of these codes is that you don’t even need the internet to start using them.

In this article, we’ll be introducing you to most (not all) of the MTN USSD codes and what they are used for. Each sub heading below will explain what the USSD code is used for.

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Codes To Recharge Your MTN Line

There are two ways to recharge your MTN line when you buy the MTN voucher or card. The first way is the standard method and it does not attract big airtime bonus (except the bonus that comes with your current tariff plan).

1. Dial *555* airtime serial number#

This option is without Airtime bonus and it’s the standard way of recharging your line. The second method provide you with a whopping 5x bonus.

Airtime recharged using this short code can be used to purchase data bundles and can also be transferred to others.

2. Dial *888* airtime serial number#

Popularly known as MTN Awuuf: You get 5x airtime bonus when you recharge with this short code. Meaning, if you recharge N100 airtime, MTN gives you N500 airtime.

Airtime recharged using this short code can not be used to purchase data bundles.

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Code To Recharge Your MTN Line From Your Bank Account

Here you have two option. To recharge either from your debit card or directly from your bank account. Note that this means you won’t need your bank USSD code to recharge again. You can also decide to use both. Follow the steps below

  • To recharge your MTN Line directly from your bank just dial *904# and follow the onscreen instructions
  • You can decide to use a bank account or debit card linked to your MTN line.
  • You can also decide to buy for someone else by selecting that option and typing their phone number and amount.
  • Amount due will be charged from the bank account or debit card linked with the phone number.

Code to Borrow Airtime and Data from MTN

To borrow airtime or data is quite simple but also very tricky. Your MTN line have to be active and have recharged at the least N200-N500 airtime within the last 30 days to be eligible.

To borrow Airtime just dial *606# and if you are eligible the amount you can borrow will be displayed. Just select the option and proceed. But, if you are not eligible you will also see the message and the why.

Code To Check MTN Data Bundle Balance

To check your data bundle balance in MTN just dial *131*4#. MTN will then send you a message with the details of the balance of your MTN Data.

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Codes to Transfer or Send MTN Data To Others

To transfer or send data to a friend or family just dial *131*7#.

  • Select option 1 and type in the MTN phone number of your friend or family member.
  • Enter the amount of data to send and the person will receive it. Note that data will be deducted from your data balance.
  • You can only send a maximum of 100MB to a friend daily (some customers are allowed to send 200MB daily).

To buy Data to friend or family from your MTN line just dial *131*7*2#.

Follow the onscreen instructions, select data amount and enter recipient phone number. You will be charged from your airtime balance.

To request Data from your friend just dial *131*7*3#.

Enter the persons phone number and MTN will deliver the message asking the person to send you data.

Code To Buy Data on MTN

To Buy Data from your MTN line just dial *131*1#. This short code will take you to a list of MTN data plans to select from. You can decide to buy daily, weekly, monthly data plans.

Just select the option that you need by entering the number and pressing the send button. Then follow the on-screen instructions and pay for the data bundle using your MTN airtime.

We advice you to choose the one time off option after activating any MTN data plan. If you can’t use the code above, you can Read This Article that shows all the short codes for MTN data bundles.

Code to Buy Social MTN Bundles

Dial *131*3# to buy any social bundles from MTN

How to Locate MTN Stores

Dial *123*7*1# to locate any MTN customer service center close to you. We have This Article to help you understand the process and also show you the address of all MTN center across Nigeria.

These are important MTN Short codes that you can use to perform basic MTN operations without having to ask for help. There are lots of USSD codes used by MTN and gradually we’ll show you how it works and their uses.


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