Design of Harmony OS: Huawei Harmony OS is seen as a worthy rival of the Android OS. And a four minute long video has shown how the interface, features, icons and widgets looks like in the Harmony OS. The video that appeared on Weibo showed major improvements made by the Chinese tech giant.

Although still in beta stage, Huawei is expected to start pushing the Harmony OS to its devices by the start of June 2021.

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A drag from the the top left corner brings a search engine within the phone (not Google). Another major change is the new control center that can be dragged from the top right corner. Then a drag down anywhere in the screen will show you the notifications.

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Huawei Mate 40 Pro is the Huawei device used in this video. From the video, apps opened a lot faster than we’ve seen on any Android-powered device. Speaking Chinese, the person behind the video reminded viewers that only internal apps opened very fast. Which means third party Apps such as browsers, games etc might not open as fast.

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If you’ve used a Huawei device before, the interface and design of the Harmony OS is very familiar. From the video, the Harmony OS 2.0 looks like EMUI 11 skin software we’ve seen in Huawei devices.

This new development provides competition for the Android OS. Maybe future Huawei phones might just ditch Android OS entirely.

But is this Huawei OS built from scratch or its based on Android kernel? We don’t have the answers yet. One thing for sure though, the new design of Harmony OS and it’s interface looks really smooth.

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