Instagram might allow its users to start creating posts from a desktop or laptop browser. According to a tweet from tipster and developer Alessandro Paluzzi, this features might roll out soon.

Right now, the only way to create posts is through via the Instagram app or some tricky way on desktop browser like Chrome. Many users who work with using their Instagram have requested for this feature and it seems Instagram is about to respond favourably.

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Some pictures released by Paluzzi showed what the new feature currently looks like in testing stage. Although Instagram can still make changes to this feature before it’s rolled out for use.

Right now, using this feature to create posts seems similar to creating posts using the Instagram app. Just like the app, there is a button on the too of the Desktop View with a + sign inside a rounded box. This will allow to create posts from your desktop or laptop screen.

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Those who use desktop will have access to an editor with support for cropping images and filters. They’ll also be allowed to drag and drop images and videos.

You can also tag people, add captions and locations to a photo too. It also appears that in advance settings, users can also disable comments.

Paluzzi said nothing about the date Instagram is expected to roll out this feature. even though this implementing this feature seems to be long overdue, people who use Instagram for work have been asking Facebook to give them the option of making posts using their desktop or laptop devices.

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And it’s a good thing that they decided to finally listen. Now that Facebook has finally listened and working in something, we expect the feature to be announced soon.

For now, you can make use of the Instagram app for Windows to create post as you await the new browser feature to be rolled out.

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