Top 9 New iPhone 14 features: In its 2022 Far Out Event, Apple launched a series of products that includes AirPods Pro 2nd generation, new Apple watches, and the Apple iPhone 14 series. The new Apple iPhone 14 has some new features that are currently not available in older iPhones. Apple has included a bigger iPhone 14 in the base model and ditched the mini version of the iPhone this year.

Aside from the fact that Apple replaced the mini variant of the iPhone with the Plus variant this year, there are some other new iPhone 14 features that are even more groundbreaking. So, in this article, we’ll be talking about 9 new iPhone 14 features that are not available for old iPhone users. Let’s start with the most important one, “Emergency SOS via Satellite”.

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Top 9 New iPhone 14 features

1. Emergency SOS via Satellite

iPhone 14 Pro satellite connectivity

The Emergency Satellite is a new feature that is exclusive to the iPhone 14 models and is one of the most impressive new iPhone 14 features. It is designed to help save you from places without cellular towers and places with low-to-no-cellular connections. It makes use of the Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite services to request emergency services via text. Apple also included an onscreen aviation system that will help guide users to point the iPhone at a satellite.

If you don’t have time to type or compose an emergency text, Apple has also included pre-defined emergency texts that you can send easily. And if you can’t reach an Emergency service directly, Apple also has a relay network station that will receive and forward your request for emergency. This feature will first be available in the United States and Canada in November. It’ll be free for iPhone 14 users for 2 years and after that, it’ll be a paid service. Future Apple iPhones are expected to have an enhanced version of this feature.

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2. Plus Model

new iPhone 14 features

In its last two models -iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 series- Apple has launched a mini version but the company changed that this year. The company decided to go big and introduce an iPhone 14 Plus instead of the mini version. According to Apple, poor sales for the mini models of the iPhone 12 and 13 is a major reason why there is no iPhone 14 Mini this year.

So, the 6.1-inches iPhone 14 is accompanied by a bigger 6.7-inches iPhone 14 Plus. The iPhone 6 Plus which was released back in 2014 is the best-selling iPhone of all time. This hint that there are iPhone users interested in big-screen iPhones.

3. Apple A16 Bionic

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max featured a new Apple A16 Bionic chipset. The new chipset is built on a 4nm process and has a faster CPU and according to Apple, it is about 20% faster than the predecessor. The CPU has Hexa-core and a 6-core GPU and because it is built on a 4nm process, it’s more power efficient. It also features the X65 5G MODEM and thus has faster network connectivity and a faster gaming experience.

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4. Dynamic Island

iPhone 14 Pro price in Nigeria

The Dynamic Island is the new center punch hole design that is featured exclusively in this year’s iPhone 14 Pro models. The Cupertino giant built a whole new interactive experience around the Dynamic Island punch hole and this adds to the overall user experience of the iPhone 14 Pro.

The 12MP front camera and SL 3D biometric scanner (Face ID) are placed in the Dynamic Island punch hole. This punch hole can expand and show more information like when you minimize an app and also display new notifications. Users have been clamoring for a design change for the iPhone and the Dynamic Island punch hole is Apple’s response this year.

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5. Crash Detection

Crash Detection is another good feature that is now available in the iPhone 14 series and is one of the best new iPhone 14 features. This feature allows your iPhone 14 to call emergency services on your behalf when there is a car crash. Apple also used this feature in the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE 2.

In a situation where users can not make phone calls after a car crash, the iPhone 14 will be able to call emergency services on the user’s behalf. The iPhone 14 has crash detection sensors that can detect sudden g-force changes in four types of car crashes: front, back, side, and rollover. Then the iPhone will ask if you’d like to call emergency services and make the call on your behalf.

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6. eSIM Only

eSIM or electronic SIM is gaining popularity and the new iPhone 14 will only get the eSIM option in the US. This means the iPhone 14 series won’t be getting a physical SIM card slot in the US. It seems that Apple might remove the SIM card tray in more regions for next year’s iPhone 15. Right now, only MTN supports eSIM in Nigeria but all major network carriers in the US support eSIM technology.

7. 8K Video Recording

iPhone 14 Pro main camera

The A16 Bionic chipset has a new 48MP main camera and a new ISP Photonic Engine that can record videos in 8K resolution. The iPhone 14 Pro is the Apple iPhone that will be able to record videos in 8K resolution. The new 48MP camera sensor has an f/1.8 aperture, 1.22µm quad-pixel PDAF, and 24mm focal length. It also featured the 2nd generation sensor shift OIS and apple said it can record videos in 8K resolution.

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8. Action Mode

The Action Mode is a video stability feature that was introduced by Apple for the iPhone 14 models. It helps to enhance the stability of video during capture and helps users to record more steady videos. This feature is very useful when taking Cinematic shots and capturing fast-moving objects. Future iPhone models are also expected to get an improved version of the Action Mode.

9. Always-on Display

The always-on display is a feature on smartphones that allows users to quickly check time and information on the screen without having to unlock the phone. This feature is now available on the iPhone 14 Pro models thanks to its LTPO display panel that allows the screen of the phone to auto-refresh between 1Hz and 120Hz. The always-on display on the iPhone 14 Pro allows users to quickly check time and information from the widgets they’ve added on the lock screen without unlocking or lifting the iPhone.

These are the top 9 iPhone 14 features that you won’t get in older Apple iPhones. Some features are software-based and might be available in older iPhones with more recent software. But features such as Crash Detection and Emergency SOS via Satellite are exclusive to iPhone 14 and new newer iPhone models for now.

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