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New Update: NCC Gives Nigerians 2 Weeks to Update SIM Card Record

Update SIM Card Record: Few days ago the Nigeria Communication Commission stopped all Mobile Service Providers (MSP) in the country to stop SIM card registration. It seems there is going to be more to that as they release new updates regarding already registered users.

The Honourable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim (Pantami) convened an urgent meeting of key stakeholders in the Communications industry on Monday, December 14, 2020.

This meeting included Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Management of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), as well as the CEOs and Management staff of all service providers in the industry.

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At the conclusion of the meeting, all parties involved saw the need to improve the performance and sanity of the sector. And after much deliberation, all stakeholders agreed that urgent drastic measures have now become inevitable to improve the integrity and transparency of the SIM registration process.

So below is the new directive from NCC regarding SIM card registration and already registered SIM card records.

Update SIM Card Record: What NCC wants from Mobile Operators and Nigerians

All network operators in the country is expected to:

  1. Affirmation of the earlier directive to totally suspend registration of NEW SIMs by all operators.
  2. Operators to require ALL their subscribers to provide valid National Identification Number (NIN) to update SIM registration records.
  3. The submission of NIN by subscribers to take place within two weeks (from today December 16, 2020 and end by 30 December, 2020).
  4. After the deadline, ALL SIMs without NINs are to be blocked from the networks.
  5. A Ministerial Task Force comprising the Minister and all the CEOs (among others) as members is to monitor compliance by all networks.
  6. Violations of this directive will be met by stiff sanctions, including the possibility of withdrawal of operating license.

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What NCC is Asking from Mobile Operators and Nigerians

What is NCC actually requesting Nigerians and Mobile Operators to do?

  1. For mobile operators to update the SIM card registration of all their customers.
  2. That Nigerians should get ready to spend the next two weeks making themselves available to update their SIM card records.
  3. The valid document for update is the NIN. So go and get one now if you don’t already have one
  4. After two weeks all lines not updated will be blocked from the network.
  5. All new SIM card registration is suspended until after this process is carried out.

Update SIM Card Record: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to questions you might have in mind regarding this directive from NCC

What is the requirements for this SIM card record update?

Just your NIN is the only document required for your records to be updated. If there are other requirements, we’ll update you. So follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Techarena24_ for more updates.

Will I pay money for this new SIM update?

No. As far as we can tell this exercise is free and won’t require you pay anything.

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Will I buy a new SIM card for the update?

No. Just go with your NIN and update your already registered records.

Is this exercise meant for only existing customers

Yes. Only those with SIM cards are to go and update their records with NIN.

Will I need an affidavit for this update?

No. NCC only said you need the National Identification Number (NIN) to update your record.

What if I have two SIM card with same mobile operator?

Just go with your NIN and have the record for both SIM card updated with the mobile operator.

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Where can I update my SIM card registration record?

Visit the nearest mobile operator center and/or accredited SIM card registration update centers.

What if I have SIM card with more than one mobile operator?

Go to each of these operators and update the records accordingly. For example, if you have a Glo and Airtel SIM, go to Glo and Airtel centers to update each SIM card separately.

Will new SIM card update take time?

It’s not suppose to take time. You are not doing a fresh registration, it’s just to add your NIN to your already existing profile.

Is this SIM card Update by NCC even important

Yes. NCC have valid reasons for this update. There are lots of things that NCC have to deal with including cyber security and online theft. So updating your record is very important to help protect you and your loved ones.

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Will there be an extension by NCC after two weeks?

For now we don’t know. But with the number of SIM card users in Nigeria, it seems impossible for this exercise to be finalized within the stipulated time. You’ll still have to wait for more information from NCC in the coming weeks.

This SIM card registration update order from NCC is coming after huge surge in insecurity recently in the country.

So while this might be inconvenient for most Nigerians, it might actually be for the greater good. Go get your NIN and visit any nearest mobile operator center to update your SIM card records.

If you have any questions please use the Contact Us page or use the comment section below. Tell us what you feel about this new update from NCC via your comment below.







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