New report from the NCC (Nigeria Communication Comission) suggests that Nigerians now spend over 80 Million Naira monthly and 960 Million Naira yearly to buy data bundles.

This report is coming out after consumers complained that internet service providers are mismanaging their data bundles.

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According to the report, Nigerians buy up to 80 Terabyte of data every month. And going by the average of 1,000 Naira for 1GB by most network providers, it can be estimated that Nigerians spends about 80 Million Naira to purchase these data bundles and if you multiply that by 12 months you’ll get 960 Million Naira.

Although the report from NCC did not specify is cooperate bodies and business are included. They only said consumers and we are assuming its exclusive of data bundles used by cooperate bodies and businesses.

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While some may argue that the data consumption level of Nigerians should be higher, just take a step back and think again. 80 Million Naira is allot of money and for Nigerians to spend that much to buy data means two things.

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We’ve seen this trend over and over again, increase in data usage results in Increase in online activities.


One, Nigerians are beginning to spend m,ore time on the internet trying to earn a living. And with the current situation of the country, this trend will only go up more.

Two, more Nigerians are starting to use the internet and more phones with access to internet are been bought.

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With the rate of data consumption above, internet service providers are cashing out big time and mobile phone manufacturers will sell lots of phones in the country in coming years.

If Nigerians are spending more than 80 Million Naira to buy data monthly in 2021, how much will the spent monthly come 2022? Well, only time ill tell.

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