NIMC and NIN are the two most popular words in Nigeria right now. This is because, the NCC made it compulsory for Nigerians to update their SIM card records with NIN.

But, what is NIMC and NIN? Why is knowing these two words important to you right now? Well sit back and relax as we breakdown the agency and the number that is most important to you right now.

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What is NIMC?

NIMC is a government agency established in 2007 that is solely responsible for giving out National Identification Number (NIN) to Nigerians. It’s job is to register and issue NIN to Nigerians.

But in the wake of 2018 for some reasons the agency went to sleep and to some extent became in active in most part of the country. Fast forward to last quarter of 2020 and NCC needs National Identification Number to update SIM card records then NIMC cane back from slumber.

What is NIN?

NIN is the acronym for National Identification Number. This is a unique number assigned to Nigerians that will be used to identify them. No two Nigerians can have same NIN.

Think of NIN as the United States Social Security Number (SSN) or as the Indian Aadhaar. Hope you can now understand the purpose of NIN.

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Difference between NIMC and NIN

NIMC is a government agency that issues National Identification Number to Nigerians while National Identification Number is the unique number issued by NIMC to Nigerians.

So, NIMC is the agency and issuing NIN is what they do at NIMC. It’s that simple and very easy to understand. What are some of the frequently asked questions regarding NIMC and NIN?

How can I retrieve my NIN?

You can retrieve your NIN by dialing the code *346# from the registered line linked with your NIN. The service is free across all mobile network operators in Nigeria.

What if a lost my NIN slip?

You’ll have to pay the sum of 500 Naira through REMITA via any bank close to you and submit the receipt at any NIN registration center to get a new NIN slip.

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What if I have not registered for NIN before?

You have to visit any of the NIN registration center to close to you.

How much will u pay to register my NIN?

The NIN registration is free and you should report any NIN registration center that is charging you for the registration.

When will I get my NIN after registration?

You’ll get the temporary NIN registration slip immediately. NIMC will let you know when you can collect the permanent NIN card.

Can I get more than one NIN?

No. One Nigerian is only entitled to get one NIN.

You should protect your National Identification Number as you would protect your bank ATM PIN. You’ll be held responsible for any fraudulent activities carried out using your National Identification Number.

Now you have better understanding of NIMC and NIN. If you still have any question please use the comment section below.

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