The Saga of the NIN, NIMC, NCC, Mobile operators and Nigerians is still going pretty well and we just opened a new chapter in the story. NIMC (National Indetity Management Commission) just launched the new NIMC Mobile App and they are encouraging Nigerians to make use of this App.

Well, there are lots of things you need to know about this newly launched NIMC App. Like, what are the things you can do with App, what are the things you can’t do with the App. How to download the App, how to use the App etc. We have put this article together to help you know more about this app and eventually learn how to use it.

There is a step by step guide on how to download and use the NIMC App below. But just before we get there, its good you understand what this new NIMC Mobile App is, and what you can and can not do with the App.

What is NIMC Mobile App (NIN App)?

The NIMC Mobile App is a mobile App created by NIMC to help Nigerians have access to their NIN records online. What the app does is that once you type in your NIN, it loads you user data which you can also use as it displays your name, passport photograph and other related information.

This one App is expected to do more than just show your NIN records. In the future, NIMC is expecting to do some other cool stuff with this App. Like linking your BVN, TIN and Passport numbers together. Also, verifying your ID and those of others.

Going by the features, this new NIMC App might just be the most important App for every Nigerian in the future.

What can you do with the NIMC App? Well we have the details for you below.

What you can do with the NIMC App

To use the NIMCApp, you need to already have an NIN. This simply means that those without NIN can not make use of the App.

1. Log into the App from up to 7 devices

Yes, you can log into your NIN from up to 7 different devices. Once logged in, you’ll be given a UserID that is meant to protect your NIN (don’t share this ID with anyone else).

2. Verify your ID

For you to verify your ID, you have to go the Dashboard and click on Show My ID. Good news is, you don’t need internet access to verify your ID on the NIMC App.

3. Verify ID of others

If you also wish to verify someone else, you can too by using this App from NIMC. Well, seems there are lots of good stuffs in this App. There are even more stuffs.

4. Log into other govermet website and portals (future)

With the UserID generated from the NIMC App and an OTP (one time password), you can be able to log into any government website or portal (this is a future plan).

5. Synchronize your BVN, TIN, DLN and Passport Numbers to NIN

Last but not the least is that you will soon be able to use the NIMC to synchronize your BVN, TIN, Drivers License and Passport Numers all linked with your NIN.

NIMC is promising to protect these informatin of yours via next level encryption security. Below is what the Dashboard of NIMC Mobile App looks like (NIN App).

Things you can’t do with the NIMC App

  1. You won’t be able to get an NIN yourself
  2. You can’t generate NIN for another person
  3. Without your NIN, you can’t log in
  4. You can’t edit your Mobile number using the App (you need to visit an NIMC center to do that)
  5. You can’t print our the permanent NIN card using the App

Well, now tha you know more about the NIMC Mobile App, and you also know that you can and cn not do with the App, its time to show you how to download and use the NIMC App.

How to download NIMC Mobile App (NIN App)

For Android users download from Google Playstore while for iPhone users download for Apple App Store. After download, the App will automtically install and note the App is a free App.

How to use the NIMC Mobile App

Follow the step by step guide below to know how to set up and use the NIMC App

1. Open the downloaded NIMC App

You’ll see lots of texts and instructions telling you what you can and can not do with the App. You can either click on SKIP or NEXT to read through.

NIMC Mobile App
Step 1

2. Click the BEGIN button

This is where you begin to enter details and actually register to use the NIMC App.

NIMC Mobile App
Step 2

3. The Welcome Page

The welcome page is where you ebter your 11 digit NIN to continue with the process. Note: this NIN must and should be yours. Enter your NIN and click continue.

NIMC Mobile App
Step 3

4. Click the I AGREE button

This is where you agree that the details you are providing are yours. You should read the ATTESTATION as ignorance won’t be an excuse later on.

NIMC Mobile App
Step 4

5. OTP Page

This page you’ll be ask to select the number linked with your NIN. Tick the first option if you still have access to the number and click NEXT. You’ll now receive a message from NIMC that contains your USER-ID and OTP (a One Time Passwrd). Enter the USER-ID and OTP then click NEXT to continue.

6. Enter your Log in PIN

NIMC Mobile App
Step 6

the NIMC will next require you to enter a 6 digit PIN. Keep this PIN secure as its what you’ll use to access the NIMC App. Also, be sure to select a combination of numbers that no one can easily guess.

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Once the above is done, you’ll now be automatically logged into the NIMC App. You’ll now see list of things you can check using the mobile app.

For example, you can check how your permanent NIN ID card looks like. See the sample of the one we have below.

NIMC Mobile App
The NIN Card Page in the NIMC App

Some of the options require you visit NIMC center before it can be done.

So, that is all you need to know about the NIMC Mobile App. With time, it might just become one of the most imporant Apps for Nigerians. Have any questions? Please use the comment section below or send us a message using the Contact Us page.

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