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Nothing Ear 2 vs AirPods Pro 2: Which wireless earbuds should you get?

Nothing Ear 2 vs AirPods Pro 2: Which of these two wireless earbuds should you buy to pair with your flagship phone? Many of you find it confusing to select the right TWS for your smartphones because of their technicalities. But worry no more because in this post we’re going to compare the Nothing Ear 2 vs AirPods Pro 2. We’ll look at their differences, and similarities, and pass our verdict.

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1. Differences

In this first segment, our main focus would be on the differences that exist between the Nothing Ear 2 vs AirPods Pro 2. Let’s start with their pricing and availability.


The first difference between these two wireless earbuds is their pricing. The Nothing Ear 2 costs $149 which is about $100 cheaper than the AirPods Pro 2 priced at $249.

Battery Life

Nothing Ear 2 vs AirPods Pro 2 offers different battery life experiences. And so far in my usage, the AirPods Pro 2 battery life has been far better and stronger. With ANC turned ON, the AirPods Pro 2 will give you 6 hours of battery life + 25 hours for the battery case. In contrast, the Nothing Ear 2 offers 4 hours + 22.5 hours for the case.

Additionally, the cases of both wireless earbuds support wireless charging or can be charged through wired USB-C.


Nothing Ear 2 vs AirPods Pro 2 are durable wireless earbuds. They are certified as splash or sweat-proof. However, Nothing Ear 2 is better because it offers both dust and water resistance. It’s a leap ahead. It’s rated IP55 for the case and IP54 for the earbuds. In contrast, the AirPods Pro 2 and Case are rated IPX4.

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2. Similarities

Under this segment, our main focus would be on the similarities the Nothing Ear 2 and AirPods Pro 2 are sharing.


One common thing shared by both wireless earbuds is the design. They have a similar form factor of a stem with in-ear silicone tips. Although the AirPods Pro 2 is heavier with each earbud weighing 5.3 grams, as opposed to the lighter 4.5 grams of the Nothing Ear 2.

Noise Cancellation

Nothing Ear 2 vs AirPods Pro 2 supports noise cancellation (ANC). There’s also a transparency mode. And these two wireless earbuds support multipoint connectivity. The Nothing Ear 2 can easily pair with your phone and laptop simultaneously. However, the multipoint connection of the AirPods Pro 2 is restricted to the Apple Ecosystem- just Apple doing Apple things.


Nothing Ear 2 vs AirPods Pro 2 shares some wireless connectivity. Both wireless earbuds have Bluetooth 5.3 and support SBC and AAC if your phone supports it. However, only the AirPods Pro 2 supports Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking. On the other hand, the Nothing Ear 2 support LHDC 5.0 codec streaming.

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3. Verdict: Nothing Ear 2 vs AirPods Pro 2

AirPods Pro 2 is more expensive than the Nothing Ear 2. And what do you get? A better build quality, better sound quality, and stronger battery life. But for an Android user, you can’t maximize the AirPods Pro 2 as it works better on Apple Ecosystem. Now, this is where the cheaper Nothing Ear 2 fits in.

Buy AirPods Pro 2 and Nothing Ear 2
Apple Airpods Pro 2Price
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€299.00
Nothing Ear 2Price
Buy on Amazon$149.00
Buy on Amazon (EUR)149.00
Buy on Amazon (UK)£129.00





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