Nothing Ear 2 vs Nothing Ear 1: The London-based company has launched its second generation of wireless earbuds. And this time the price has been hiked up by $50 compared to the time Ear 1 was launched last two years. But let’s assume you already have the Nothing Ear 1, should you bother upgrading to the Nothing Ear 2?

Yes, that is the right answer. On paper and design, both are identical but in reality and practical uses, the Nothing Ear 2 brings significant improvements. In this post, we’re going to analyze the differences and similarities between both earbuds.

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Price and Design

Nothing Ear 2 vs Nothing Ear 1 has similar designs. But the weight and dimensions or length are not truly the same. In order words, if you should exchange those two earbuds and put them in different cases, they won’t function properly. Maybe the only reason Nothing went with a similar look is for easy brand identification. But have it in mind that the Nothing Ear 2 has a more durable plastic build and it’s lighter.

As for their pricing, the Nothing Ear 2 is more expensive than the Nothing Ear 1. The Ear 2 was launched at $149 which is $50 more than the launch price of the Nothing Ear 1 at $99.

Nothing Ear 2 vs Nothing Ear 1
Nothing Ear 2

Sound Quality

Nothing Ear 2 sounds better than Nothing Ear 1. The audio quality is more balanced on the Ear 2 than the predecessor. Moreover, the Nothing Ear 2 has fewer bugs compared to the Ear 1 when it was launched two years ago. The Nothing Ear 2 now brings support for the LHDC 5.0 codec alongside SBC and AAC if your phone supports it.

Another improvement we noticed is the introduction of the “Dual Connection” which is the same as the “multipoint connectivity” in other earbuds. My experience with the dual connection is cool. I was able to connect to two devices at a time. I could watch a clip on YouTube with my phone and easily use my laptop for video conferencing. The switch between devices was cool but can be improved too.

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Battery life

Nothing Ear 2 vs Nothing Ear 1 in terms of their battery life is a sweet bitter experience kinda. Let me explain. With ANC enabled the Nothing Ear 2 will give you 4 hours of battery life + 22 hours for the battery case. In contrast, the Nothing Ear 1 offers 4 hours + 24 hours for the case. This is kind of disappointing because the tech company had almost two years to fix or improve things. But it turned out the battery life experience remained the same with ANC turned on.

However, when ANC is disabled or turned off, the Nothing Ear 2 battery experience is far better. Without ANC, you can get 6.3 hours and 36 hours on the Nothing Ear 2 which surpasses Ear 1’s 5.7 and 34-hour ratings.


Nothing Ear 2 vs Nothing Ear 1 are durable wireless earbuds. Both are certified for splash or sweat resistance. However, the Nothing Ear 2 is a leap ahead because of its dust-resistant feature. So simply put, the Nothing Ear 2 is more durable.

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Verdict: Nothing Ear 2 vs Nothing Ear 1

Nothing Ear 2 is better and more expensive than Nothing Ear 1. The sound quality got improved, and the Ear 2 now supports newer tech (dual connectivity). Although the battery life is not too impressive especially when ANC is enabled. But overall, for you to experience better audio quality, you can choose to upgrade from Ear 1 to Ear 2.

Buy Nothing Ear 2

Nothing Ear 2Price
Buy on Amazon$149.00
Buy on Amazon (EUR)149.00
Buy on Amazon (UK)£129.00

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