Whether you’re an Apple iPhone lover or a Samsung Galaxy fan, you should have heard of the Nothing Phone 1. Lots of people are talking about this phone and I’m here to explain why. And also to predict the possible outcome of this device. For those who don’t know and have not heard about Nothing Phone 1, let me give you a quick summary of this trending device.

Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Phone 1 is a smartphone that is expected to launch in July 2022. The phone is manufactured by Nothing Technology Limited. Yes, the same NOTHING company that was founded by Carl Pei. The NOTHING company also made the Nothing Ear 1.

Now that you know about the Nothing Phone 1, why are people talking about this phone? Well, it’s primarily because of two things. One, the phone has a unique design, and two, the hype built around the phone.

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Why is Nothing Phone 1 Trending

There are a few reasons why the Nothing Phone 1 is trending and it starts with the design.


The Nothing Phone 1 design is very different from what we’ve seen in previous smartphones. The design appears to be transparent but it’s not. It has this unique design that makes people want to actually own and check it out.

Nothing Phone 1
Nothing Phone 1 Rear (image: MKBHD)

Some of the highlights of the design include lights around the wireless charge coil, around the cameras, and light stripes at the bottom and top. From the design, it’s very easy to see the phone as a premium phone but a very different flagship phone.

Placed the Nothing Phone 1 next to other smartphones in the market right now it will look as if it’s a phone from another planet. Everyone loves something new especially something outside the norm and the design of this phone is just that.

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For months even before its conception, the Nothing company has been building hype and anticipation around the Nothing Phone 1. So, even without the device, lots of people have heard so many things about the phone. And now that the phone is actually available, it’s only natural that people rush to see the long-awaited phone.

The thing about hype is you’re only told the good sides. You don’t actually get to know the bad sides until you experience them. So, will the Nothing Phone 1 live up to the hype or it might come below users’ expectations? Well, we’ll find out a month from now.


Nothing company was able to sell the idea of the phone to users. A phone that has a unique design, brings you premium performance, a premium camera, and is affordable. These are what users are looking out for and the company is able to market the Nothing Phone 1 as just the phone people need. This is one of the reasons it’s trending.


The Nothing Phone 1 is coming into the market at a time when LG is out of the phone-making business and Huawei is crippled by the US sanctions. This means there are some customers that are yet to be loyal to any brand and this is a good time to grab those customers.

The timing is also right because lots of users are currently open to something new (more like a breath of fresh air). There have been too many look-alike phones on the market. For the past three years, Apple has made a few changes to the design of its Apple iPhones. OPPO phones and OnePlus phones look very similar. So, users will welcome a refreshed design, something new or let’s say outside the norm.

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The future of Nothing Phone 1

This is the first model of the Nothing Phone and this means if this one is successful, we might see a Nothing Phone 2 by 2023. But, what does the future hold for Nothing Phone 1? It’s a little too early to predict but here is what might happen.

  1. The Nothing Phone 1 might be successful and Nothing phones will become a household name in the industry.
  2. If the phone eventually gets to users by July and does not live up to expectations when it comes to performance and camera, then the hype might die off (at least till we get Nothing Phone 2).

Truth is, one more competition is good for the smartphone industry. It gives the top phone makers one more brand to be worried about and if the Nothing Company can do that with its Nothing Phone then it’s a good thing.

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So, what’s so special about the Nothing Phone 1? Its design is special, the marketing technique is special, and the timing is also special. I’ll wait for the full review of the phone to see if the performance and camera will be special too.

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What do you think about the Nothing Phone 1? Is it trending for all the right reasons? Or is it just hype that will pass with time? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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