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Nothing Phone 1 Screen issues: Green tint displays, Dead Pixels, etc

Nothing Phone 1 Screen issues: Is the Nothing Phone 1 screen bad? Well, some users mostly from India have experienced various issues ranging from green tint screens and dullness. There has been a tsunami of complaints via Twitter and the users are tagging the CEO of the Nothing Company -Carl Pei.

Some units have deformities around the punch hole selfie camera. Issues like this are not new in the industry. It occasionally happens to smartphones with AMOLED displays and the Nothing Phone 1 is the latest to fall under the rare curse of OLED panels. In time past, phones such as Redmi Note 9S, Google Pixel 6, etc have all had issues similar to this.

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So what is Nothing and Carl Pei doing about this? Well, Nothing Support has acknowledged the screen issues. And those currently experiencing the screen problem should return it to the stores where they bought it for a replacement. Although a user in India who purchased his from Flipkart, sent his unit back, unfortunately, the replacement also had similar issues after some time.

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However, one thing we have noticed is that so far, no complaints about these screen issues from any European yet. We hope Nothing and Carl Pei find a way to address the Nothing Phone 1 screen issues as soon as possible.






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