The Nothing Phone 2 vs Nothing Phone 1 comparison shows the growth Carl Pei and his team have accomplished in the last few years since the start of this new tech company. The Phone 2 is better than the Phone 1. Here are five things to note while contemplating upgrading to the Phone 2.

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Nothing Phone 2 vs Nothing Phone 1

First, the Nothing Phone 2 is more expensive than the Nothing Phone 1. The Phone 1 was launched with a starting price of $499 last year. However, because of the flagship chipset used on the Nothing Phone 2, it goes more expensive.

When it comes to performance, the Nothing Phone 2 is 2x faster or better than the Nothing Phone 1. The Nothing Phone 2 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 5G chipset. In contrast, the Phone 1 had a midrange chipset of Snapdragon 778G+.

Camera-wise, there’s a massive improvement too. Nothing Phone 2 features an 18-bit Image Signal Processor (ISP) capable of capturing over 4,000 times more camera data than the ISP used on the Phone (1). As a result, the Phone (2) camera offers advanced features like Raw HDR and 4K recording at 60 fps.

The display got brighter too on the Nothing Phone 2. The Phone 2 has a 6.7-inch OLED touchscreen with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. In contrast, the Phone 1 screen was smaller with a 6.55-inch OLED.

Another area to pay attention to is the battery life. The Nothing Phone 2 battery got slightly bigger from the 4,500 on the Phone 1 to 4,700 mAh. Additionally, because the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 is more battery efficient, it further added to the overall experience of the Nothing Phone 2 battery life.

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What They Have in Common

Nothing Phone 2 vs Nothing Phone 1 has a similar design language. From afar you can easily spot the uniqueness and exclusiveness of their transparent body design.

Also, the glyphs and bulbs on the back cover are still there. Those have become Nothings trademark. And the Nothing robotic fonts can be seen all over the interface. Lastly, they both have 15W wireless charging support.

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Conclusion: Nothing Phone 2 vs Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Phone 2 is better than Nothing Phone 1. Firstly, the Phone 2 is faster in performance and more power efficient. Secondly, the camera is better, sharper and crisper. Thirdly, the Nothing Phone 2 display is brighter and smoother. And this goes on and on.

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