OnePlus and Hasselblad Partnership: On March 8 2021, global technology brand OnePlus officially announced a three-year partnership with the legendary camera manufacturer Hasselblad. With this deal, OnePlus and Hasselblad are to co-develop the next generation of smartphone camera systems for future OnePlus flagship devices.

However, one of the major concern that people have since the announcement of the partnership. Was the fear of OnePlus smartphones getting overly expensive. Because the Hasselblad we all know don’t produce cheap things- never.

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OnePlus and Hasselblad Partnership, according to the tech company has been explained more in details. According to Pete Lau the CEO of OnePlus, the partnership starts with software improvements including colour tuning and sensor calibration. It is the aim of OnePlus and Hasselblad to bring more perceptually accurate and natural-looking colours to photos taken with OnePlus flagship cameras.

OnePlus X Hasselblad

So in as much as Hasselblad sticks to the software and colour fine tuning, OnePlus flagship smartphones won’t be outrageously expensive.

For example, the OnePlus 9 series won’t be using Hasselblad hardwares. Instead, the tech company used Sony’s sensor for its two main cameras. By such move, OnePlus 9 series won’t exceed the flagship killers price.

Hasselblad History

Hasselblad was founded in 1841 in Gothenburg, a major city in Sweden. It was established by Fritz Wiktor Hasselblad. Initially it was started as a trading company, Until the founder’s son, Arvid Viktor Hasselblad, was interested in photography and started the photographic division of the company.

After decades of existence, Hasselblad became famous in the early 1960s when NASA began to use Hasselblad cameras on space flights. The popular silver Hasselblad Data camera was modified by the company to fit NASA task. And was taken to the moon. Hasselblad thereafter became a household name, popularly known as the moon camera.

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On March 8 2021, Hasselblad for the first time collaborated with a mobile company- OnePlus. The Swedish company is to team with OnePlus to bring amazing camera experience to OnePlus flagship smartphones. The deal is a three years partnership.

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