OnePlus first foldable phone: OnePlus has finally confirmed that it’ll be launching its first foldable phone this year and this could mean serious trouble for Samsung. OnePlus USA has tweeted that the company will be releasing a foldable phone this year. This means that the Chinese phone maker might launch its foldable phone outside China.

If this happens, the incoming OnePlus foldable phone will join the Googe Pixel Fold in the global market. Samsung has been the only phone maker that has foldable phones outside China. The availability of the OnePlus Fold and Pixel Fold outside the Chinese market means more competition for Samsung.

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But, that’s not all as I think OnePlus could actually force the sales of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 to drop. OnePlus is very popular for competitive pricing. I mean, this company started by making flagship phones at a very cheap price.

According to a new report, OnePlus could launch its foldable phone a few days before or after the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 5. If this is true and the price of the OnePlus Fold is cheaper (which will most likely be the case), then people will be forced to look the way of the OnePlus Fold.

OnePlus first foldable phone

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Imagine a scenario where the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is priced at $1,799 while the price of the OnePlus Fold starts at $1,499 or even $1,399. This price range is doable as the price of the recently released vivo Fold 2 starts at $1,599. The Pixel Fold could have been a good competition but Google unlike OnePlus won’t be dropping the price for the foldable phone.

So, the OnePlus foldable phone might be available outside China, might pack the latest hardware, and latest software, and might be cheaper. These are reasons for Samsung to worry. I don’t expect OnePlus to sell as many foldable phones as Samsung this year but even if the company could steal one-third of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 sales, that’ll be a win for the company.

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Right now, we don’t for sure what OnePlus is cooking but we sure know it’s going to be exciting to watch how this unfolds. More details about the specs of the OnePlus Fold will be available in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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