OnePlus Nord vs Google Pixel 4A: OnePlus released the Nord as it’s premium mid-range smartphone while Google released the Pixel 4A. This year, we have seen strong competition not only from flagship phones but also premium mid-range phones.

This post is about comparing the newly released Google Pixel 4A and OnePlus Nord. Given the choice, which is better between these two phones? why should you even pick one and leave it other?

Well, there really is no need for you to buy both phones. Except of course you are gifting one to someone else.

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The OnePlus Nord is the most advertised mid-range smartphone of 2020 thus far. Infact, it’s advert were so good that the phone was relatively over hyped and people raised their expectations. Which was not too good for the phone when it eventually debut.

Google Pixel 4A on the other hand was barely even heard of. Since it’s was first announced, all we say were just photo rendering and rumored leaks until it finally debut.

Now that these two phones are in the market, if given the choice which one should you buy and why? This article will help your decide depending on the features you like most in a smartphone.

OnePlus Nord vs Google Pixel 4A

These two phones have so many differences with very little similarities. I mean, take away the fact that they are both Android Phones, there is really no much of similarities.

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Now its time for us to start the comparison proper. And we are starting from the network connectivity of both phones.

OnePlus Nord vs Google Pixel 4A Network Connectivity

OnePlus Nord is having 5G network connection which is something that Pixel 4A lacks. But, given the current status of 5G network in most countries, this doesn’t not really strike as a disadvantage to Pixel 4A.

Most people can buy the Nord without having to use the 5G feature. Simply put, the 4G network connectivity available in both phones will be utilized more than that extra 5G feature.

OnePlus Nord vs Google Pixel 4A Build, Design and Display

Both phone was built with same material (front glass, plastic back and plastic frame). They have small bezels with punch hole at the front that houses the selfie camera (dual selfie camera for the OnePlus Nord).

The Nord comes with a bigger display size of 6.44 inch while the Pixel 4A comes with a 5.81 inch. Pixel 4A uses the OLED display type while OnePlus Nord uses Fluid AMOLED display type.

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Same build material and similar designs with difference in display type and size. OnePlus Nord have bigger and better display. Google Pixel 4A display type is good but that of the Nord is better.

OnePlus Nord vs Google Pixel 4A Operating System and Chipset

Both phones runs on the latest Android 10 Software. Then the Nord uses the OxygenOS from OnePlus which is pretty cool. But, the Pixel 4A still have better user experience. Google owns Android and Pixel 4A, so we don’t expect you to think Nord will have better user experience.

When it comes to the SOC that powers both phones, things gets a little bit shaken up here. For starters, both phones uses a Qualcomm chipset.

Pixel 4A uses the Qualcomm SDM730 Snapdragon 730G (8 nm) while the Nord uses Qualcomm SDM765 Snapdragon 765G (8 nm). To be clear, the chipset of the Nord is about 20-30% faster and better than the one used in Pixel 4A.

This means that if you are looking for that extra performance in speed and smoothness, then the Nord is your choice. Just like the display, Pixel 4A chipset is good but that of the Nord is better.

OnePlus Nord vs Google Pixel 4A Internal Storage and RAM

The Pixel 4A comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB Internal Storage which is good. OnePlus Nord comes with 6/8GB RAM and 128/256GB Internal Storage. Both phones have no options for external storage and I guess you won’t need it anyways.

A 6GB RAM is more than you will get in most premium mid-range smartphones. You remember the almighty iPhone SE 2020? Yes, that phone comes with a smaller RAM.

OnePlus Nord vs Google Pixel 4A Camera

The Nord comes with a 64MP main camera while the Pixel 4A comes with a 12.2MP main camera. Yes, we know that you might think that the 64MP of the Nord will outclass the 12.2MP of the Pixel 4A.

That was our expectations too but the 12.2MP of the Pixel 4A leveled up and even possibly perform better than the 64MP of the OnePlus Nord thanks to Google camera software.

Time and again, Google is making it clear that it’s not by having lots of camera sensors. I mean, the Nord comes with quad camera which includes, ultrawide, depth sensor and a macro camera.

But, the single camera of the Pixel 4A can perform all four task without breaking a sweat. This shows that there are levels to smartphone cameras and Google is ahead OnePlus on this one.

Upfront, the Nord comes with a 32 + 8MP dual selfie camera while the Pixel 4A comes with a single 8MP camera. Both phones can record 4K videos, have gyro-EIS and OIS features enabled.

When it comes to camera, the quality of the photos from the Pixel 4A is better than those of the OnePlus Nord. Its not like you’ll see the difference outright but when you compare photos from both phones you’ll know.

OnePlus Nord vs Google Pixel 4A Battery

OnePlus Nord has a 4115 mAh battery with 30W fast charge which is better than the 3140 mAh battery found in the Google Pixel 4A. The battery of the Nord will last longer than that of the Pixel 4A.

OnePlus Nord vs Google Pixel 4A Prices

The price of the Google Pixel 4A is $349, 132,500 Naira while the starting price of the OnePlus Nord is $468, 181,000 Naira.

As you can see, the Pixel 4A is a more affordable phone between these two. Well, its decision time and its time for you to make a pick between these two phones. But below is our conclusion about these phones.

Given the value it brings, the Google Pixel 4A is the better phone to buy from this comparison. It offers everything that the Nord offers and it’s even more affordable.

Buying the Pixel 4A instead of the OnePlus Nord will help you save about $100 which a good bargain given what the Pixel 4A is offering.

This is not to say in anyway that the OnePlus Nord is a bad phone. Infact, the more recent chipset and better CPU and GPU is a good reason why you should buy the OnePlus.

But, getting the difference is not that much that it warrant spending the extra more than $100 to purchase. If you are getting a phone that is $100 more expensive, you should see the differences written bold all over.

So, this is the comparison between the OnePlus Nord vs Google Pixel 4A. Tell us what you think about these phones and which would you prefer to buy and why. Use the comment section below.

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