OPPO F17 Pro Review: OPPO Mobile recently released what might appear to be the sleekest device of 2020. And if you would like to see how they achieved this, then we have a video for you. The phone is called the OPPO F17 Pro but its also called the OPPO A93 in some region.

Quick Note: For the purpose of this article, we’ll be referring to the OPPO A93 as OPPO F17 Pro.

OPPO F17 Pro Review

From its back cover to the chipset and the 4000mAh battery, OPPO tried to make everything thin.

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All the inside components of the device is very fragile and the OPPO F17 Pro review also shows how the mobile phone company managed to keep the battery very SLIM. You should watch the full OPPO F17 Pro Tear-down video.

Its incredible what OPPO did with the OPPO F17 Pro. But according to the Video from Tech Rann, there is some reasons to be concerned regarding the thinness of the device.

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If you are looking for an Inside Review of the OPPO F17 Pro or the OPPO A93, then you should watch the video above.

We don’t get to see a sleek phone very often. In a tech world where everything is going big and fat, the mobile phone company still deem it fit to bring something light and very easy to carry around.

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