We’ve seen some incredible selfie camera technology over the past few years. There is the single pop up selfie camera and there is even a dual pop up selfie camera. But, Oppo is bringing something new with the sliding selfie camera.

Oppo has always been open to new technology and the company is sure no stranger to having moving cameras in their smartphones. Back in 2013, there is the Oppo N1 and then few years later the Oppo Find X slider.

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While they have stuck to more conventional designs in recent years, the smartphone manufacturing company is very much open to and still considering new ideas.

Oppo slide camera
Credit: LestGoDigital

Thanks to a dig by LetsGoDigital, we know the Chinese company has patented a sideways sliding selfie camera that goes from one end of the top bezel to the other.

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The 33 pages long patent filled with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), showing how this new technology would work.

This new idea will make possible to capture images from different angles, and that would be done if the camera sensor is mounted on a guide block, going from one end to another on a rail.

Oppo new phone
Credit: LestGoDigital

The movement of the selfie camera will occur only when selfie camera is activated (just like the motorized pop up selfie camera). Also, a tiny motor will do the job of moving the camera from one end to the other.

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Taking selfies from different angles might be another artistic way to take selfies, but there is even more as it seems this camera will be able to recreate 3D images of the user’s head without actually moving the device.

Other applications for this new technology could be improved portrait mode, ultrawide, or panorama group photos.


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