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OPPO is shipping the Find X5 Pro with an Ice-Skin cooling case

OPPO has started shipping the OPPO Find X5 Pro to users who preordered the phone in China. And to spice things up, the company is shipping the Find X5 Pro with a free Ice-Skin cooling case.

The Find X5 Pro comes in two models, one model features the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip while the second model comes with the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 SoC. Both models already features an advance built-in cooling solution, however OPPO is still shipping the phone with a special Ice-Skin cooling case that helps keep the temperature further 2-3 degrees C lower.

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Ice skin case

This special case has a hydrogel layer, developed by Wuhan University. Regular hydrogels takes moisture from the air and then release it through evaporation. But, to be able to provide long-term cooling and not just a one-time solution, the researchers developed Glacier Mat – modified hydrogel that re-absorbs moisture from the air continuously at lower temperatures of the atmosphere, creating a loop cooling cycle.

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Ice skin case

The Ice-skin case does not add too much weight or increase the thickness of the Find X5 Pro. It fits just like every other regular phone case. OPPO adding the Ice-skin cooling case to some users in China who preordered the Find X5 Pro. The company is yet to make it clear if this case will be available globally.






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