The race for the best under-display camera is still very much on. And as we enter phase two –second gen- of this tech, OPPO just dropped a very interesting update.

OPPO has unveiled its next gen under-display camera technology for smartphones. This new tech is said to to improve three key features; one, a better photo quality, and two increase lifespan of the display.

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These were the two major problems faced with the first gen under-display camera tech. For example, the photo quality of the first ZTE’s under-display camera tech was not very good. ZTE has come out to say it’ll improve the quality of its next gen.

OPPO’s new under display camera
OPPO’s new under display camera tech

Also, the area of the display where the camera shines through was very light. This was done so that the camera under the display can take photos. But, it also means that area is also less durable compared to the other parts of the screen.

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Now according to OPPO, its engineers have find a way to resolve these issues. In particular, the company managed to improve the image quality: the pixel density of the matrix above the sensor of the selfie module is 400 dpi. 

OPPO engineers managed to change the geometry of the pixels to reduce the pixel size while maintaining its quantity.

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Phones displays are part of the reason why the photo quality from under-display cameras are usually not of top quality. But OPPO is claiming to have found its way around this problem.

OPPO’s new under display camera
OPPO’s new under display camera photo quality

The company even shared a photo showing the quality of photo from its new under-display camera technology.

There is no news as to when this tech will debut in an OPPO smartphone yet. When it eventually debuts, it will be tested to see if it actually meets what OPPO is claiming.

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