Phone Battery Lifespan: If you own a smartphone and you wish to use it for a long time (let’s say more than three years), then you need to be mindful of the battery life. The average phone battery lifespan is estimated to be around 2-3 years but the lifespan of your phone battery can even be less because of your everyday use.

The way you charge and use the battery of your phone has a lot to do when it comes to the lifespan of your phone’s battery. So, if you want the battery of your phone to last for a longer time, here are the 5 do’s and don’ts that will help you.

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Tips to make Phone Battery Lifespan Longer

  • Stop playing intense games, streaming films, or doing other intensive workloads while charging. This will help you minimize heat, and mini-cycles, and avoid possible battery explosion.
  • Stop charging for a full cycle (0-100%) and overnight. Instead, charge your smartphone with partial charges more frequently.
  • Heat is not good for the battery. So, keep your phone from hot zones and avoid covering your phone while charging.
  • It’s healthier for you to end charge at 80-90% than charging to 100%
  • When your smartphone is cool, use rapid charging technology carefully.

If you want to increase the lifespan of your phone’s battery and make your phone battery last longer, then you need to learn how to charge the battery the right way. Below are the things you need to start doing to improve your phone’s battery lifespan:

Keep your phone in a cool Environment

Keeping your phone in a cool area will help increase the phone’s battery lifespan because heat damages the battery. The temperature has an important role in endurance and improving battery life. This is because high temperatures stress the battery and cause it to lose capacity far more quickly than when stored at moderate temperatures. In fact, it’s possibly the largest threat to the long-term health of batteries.

Phone Battery Lifespan

Don’t use your phone while charging

Playing games, listening to music, or watching videos while charging causes charging cycles to be distorted and can be harmful. The phone can get heated up and since heat is not good for the battery, it increases the possibility of a battery explosion.

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Use Official Chargers

Every battery in a smartphone has a number of voltages that can pass through it without issues. This is why most phone makers include chargers in the box or sell chargers to users. So, using official chargers to charge the battery of your smartphone is one of the things you should do.

Honor Magic 4 Pro charging

Using questionable chargers can send the wrong voltage to your smartphone and gradually wear the battery out. For example, the recently released Realme GT Neo 5 comes with a 240W wired charger, imagine using that charger to charge a phone battery that does not support 10W wired charging.

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Battery Charging

You should know when to charge the battery of your phone and when to remove the charger from the phone. Your battery should not get too low before you charge it and you must not charge it till 100% before you remove the charger.

POCO F4 charging

The best time to plug in the battery of your phone is before it hits 20% and gives you the low battery/turn-on battery saver option. Then the best time to stop charging your phone’s battery is between 80-90%. The most modern battery has a charging cycle of 300-500 charges and charging to 100% every time decreases the number of charging cycles.

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Remove the charger from Socket After Charging

Learn to remove your phone’s charger from the socket after your phone hits 90% or 100%. This is because even though the battery of the phone might stop charging, there is still current flowing through the charger since it’s plugged into a socket.

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