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It’s not easy choosing between two phones when you want to buy. Well, that is why we have this Phone Comparison category to help you decide when you need to choose between two or more phones. The style of the articles here will be written as one phone versus another phone. We’ll compare each feature and show you which one is better and worth the money.

In this Category, we’ll be comparing phones with each other. This will include but not restricted to comparing their designs, build materials, display types, SOC, CPU, GPU, camera, sensors, battery and prices. This way you get to know which phone is actually giving you real value for your money.

Note that this Phone Comparison is to serve as guide for you. There are so many factors that surrounds buying of phones. Meaning, the phone you choose might be rejected by another user. User preference, brand name, budget size etc all contributes to why you might decide to choose one phone over another.

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