Have you seen the 5 phone trends of 2020 predicted by @Maii_HD on YouTube? Well if you have not then you have to CLICK HERE now and watch 5 types of phones to buy in 2020.

Now that you have seen what @Maii_HD have to say in the YouTube link above lets get to show you what we have(its quite different from what we have here). Android phones in 2019 did have great designs but in 2020 more designs are coming out.

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We know smartphones of 2019 were pretty awesome in terms of designs and specifications, well its about to get better in 2020. Now this list is quite different from that of @Maii_HD on YouTube. So you might want to stick around for this one.

There are about 5 types of phone you’d like to buy in 2020. We are talking about designs and new technology. We have made a list below

Phone Trends of 2020: Top 5 Designs To Look Out For

  1. All Screen Flip Android Phones
  2. Quad Screen Android Phones
  3. Invisible Cameras Android Phones
  4. Fully Powered AI Android Phones
  5. Foldable Android Phones

1. All Screen Flip Android Phones

Phone Trends of 2020

It is no doubt that most times looking into the past can bring about some level of inspiration. And this is true regarding the new flip up android phones been produced. In the early 2000s, there were flip up phones with buttons until the era of all screen smartphone can to replace them.

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It however seems that companies like Samsung and Motorola are prepared to bring back old memories in a more sophisticated and modified way. The new Samsung Galaxy Z flip and Motorola Razr is no doubt a modified version of the old button flip we use to see.

Having a flip smartphone that is all screen without a button will be quite nice. I would love to have one and experience how it feels. Although the technology been used for this phones is still under some criticism but we hope with time they’ll do better.

In two of his videos, @Maii_HD explained on YouTube the pros and cons of the Motorola Razr. You can CLICK HERE to watch the video. He also explained what the new ultra thing glass means for the soon to be launched Samsung Galaxy Z flip. Please CLICK HERE to watch that video too.

We expect to see more all screen flip phones in 2020. And trust me its one phone you’d like to have a feel of. Although it will be quite expensive from the news we have so far. Giving the fact that the soon to be released Samsung Galaxy Z flip is rumored to cost about $1,500.

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2. Quad Curved Screen Android Phones

Phone Trends of 20200

A quad curved screen android phones means that the screen is extended to all four sides of the smartphone. This means that there won’t be any physical power buttons or volume up and down down buttons.

Imagine having to use soft touch to adjust the volume of your smartphone. Better still, imagine if you could do it with gesture. That is you won’t even have to press anything, you just make a gesture and it works.

In 2019, there were phones with dual curved screen. But we could even see smartphones with four curved screens in 2020 and that will be awesome.

3. Invisible Cameras Android Phones

Phone Trends of 2020
Credit: Android Central

The idea of having your phone camera hidden might seem vague and maybe unreasonable. I mean, why would you want to hide your camera lens. People hide pictures and not the camera itself.

If you have seen the new OnePlus concept phone, you might have to understand and see reasons why it is a good idea to hide the cameras of your smartphones. Its really not because you don’t want people to see the camera of your phone.

But imagine how beautiful your current phone would look like if that camera bump at the back is not there. Imagine if your selfie camera is placed inside your phone screen and there is no notch to obstruct your use of the screen.

Well the idea of smartphones with invisible cameras is not that bad. And you would definitely like to get one of these phones if they become available in 2020.

4. Fully Powered AI Android Phones

Snapdragon 865 Chip
Source: @gadgetsflix

Well if you have heard and seen what the newly released Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 765 is capable of, then you would understand what this means. The new chipset from Qualcomm is capable of who lots of things.

Including; updating your social media account, auto and easy translation, advance google assistant, 8K video, above 108 megapixel camera etc. You can read more about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 from This Article.

Imagine getting an Android phone that you can control using your voice and gesture. It can update your social media account and even speak and tell you about recent happenings on social media. You can see that this is among the phone trends of 2020 you don’t want to miss.

5. Foldable Android Phones

Samsung Galaxy fold in Nigeria

Samsung and Huawei did produced foldable phones in 2019. The Samsung Galaxy Fold was first released and taken back to factory when some major errors were discovered. On its final released, it did made some impact even though it was relatively expensive.

Well, if you did not get the Samsung Galaxy Fold and/or Huawei Mate 30X in 2019, you can still enjoy the foldable phones in 2020. The screen of the foldable phones in 2019 was made of plastic but the introduction of ultra thin glass might just change that in 2020.

Lots of persons would like to buy a foldable phone. According to This Report, the Samsung foldable phone sold our when it was released in Nigeria. Rumor also had it that Samsung made about $2 billion from the sales of Samsung Galaxy Fold.

These are the phone trends of 2020 according to designs and latest technology. We hope to see some of these technology and designs released in 2020. And it will be really nice to hold and use some of these phones.

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