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Pixel 7a Durability Test: It’s as strong as the iPhone 14 Pro

Pixel 7a Durability Test: When the Google Pixel 7a was first launched, it’s near perfect price tag was the major reason why the phone is recommended. Well, a new durability test of the Pixel 7a has given users even more reasons why they should buy the smartphone.

Pixel 7a Durability Test

According to the durability test performed by Zach on the JerryRigEverything Channel, the Pixel 7a is as strong as the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro.

Pixel 7a Durability Test

The scratch test shows that the front screen of the Pixel 7a is made of glass, the frame is made of metal while the back panel is made of plastic. Even the volume and power buttons are made of metals.

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Although the glass of the Pixel 7a is Gorilla Glass 3, it got scratched on level 6 with deeper Grove on level 7 (like other high end smartphones). The display was able to survive fire heat from a lighter for 25 seconds without any real damage (which is impressive). But it gets even more interesting during the bend test.

The bend test shows that the phone is well built and has a very strong structure. Bent from the back and front, there was no single flex. And considering the fact that this smartphone is also IP67 water and dustproof makes it even more impressive.

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This is why when compared to the iPhone 14, the Pixel 7a offers more value for the money. The Pixel 7a is as strong as the iPhone 14 Pro but it’ll cost you just $499 ($449 on BestBuy). This is like half the price of then iPhone 14 Pro.

Pixel 7a bend test

Note that the Pixel 7a durability test does not account for scratches. Just like every other phones, the Pixel 7a is vulnerable to scratch and we recommend you put on a protective case (you can get one from Dbrand) to protect the phone from scratches.

Buy Pixel 7A

Google Pixel 7aPrice
Buy on Amazon$499.00
Buy on Amazon(UK)£449.00
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€509.00
Buy on BestBuy$449.00






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