Preorder Phones: Phone preorder is the act of ordering for a phone that is yet to be released. In other words, you pay part of the money for a phone that is yet to be sold in the market. And when it is eventually released you get to be among the very first persons to get the phone.

There are some few things you should know about phone preorder and Tech Arena24 have listed a few common things below

Important Note: Be sure to have the complete money before you preorder a phone. Once a phone is preordered you must pay the balance before you can claim that phone. And in a situation where you are unable to complete payment, there might not be a refund from the company.

Common things About Preorder)

1. Firstly, phone preorder is not like buying of phone. When you buy a new phone, the phone is packed and shipped to you immediately. Well that is only possible because the phone is already available for sale in the market. This is not the case when you preorder phones.

When you preorder phones, it is like indicating interest that you would like to get the phone once it is release for purchase in the market. This means that unlike buying phone, you have to wait a couple of days before you get the phone packed and shipped to your location.

2. The second thing to know about phone preorder is that you don’t get to make full payment for the phone. Unlike phone purchase where you get to pay for the phone immediately, with phone preorder you get to pay part of the money.

Payments for phone preorder can be made in two stages. The first payment is used to make the preorder then once the phone hits the market you make a second payment that will finalize the payment. it is important to note that only after the second payment will the phone be released for you.

3. Anyone can preorder phones but it is most advisable that you use a medium that you trust. The truth is you won’ know when a phone hits the market and you might not have the right channel to make the preorder. Here at Tech Arena24 we can help you with the preorder and send it to your home address. Use the Preorder form below to get in touch with us.

Advantages of Phone Preoder

There are many good reasons why you should preorder phones. And we’ll list some of these reasons below

  • You get to buy the phone at cheaper rate.
  • You are among the first set of persons who get to use the phone in the country.
  • Payments can be made twice. The first payment is to secure the phone and the last payment is to claim the phone.
  • Phones that are preordered are straight from the company with receipt and warranty for more than a year.

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