A Belgian carrier Boo has revealed the European pricing of the Galaxy S21 series accidentally. And we here at Tech Arena24 decided to convert the pricing to Nigeria Naira and Kenyan shillings to know how much the phone will cost when it gets to Africa.

Someone was able to quickly snap some screenshots of the pricing before the landing pages were removed.

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The off- contract European pricing as revealed by Voo the Belgian carrier.

Prices of the Galaxy S21 Series

Galaxy S21€849397,000 NGN115,000 KSH
Galaxy S21+€1,049491,000 NGN142,000 KSH
Galaxy S21 Ultra€1,399654,000 NGN188,000 KSH
European pricing converted to Nigeria and Kenya currency

All models listed above are 128GB storage. This pricing correspond with the previously released pricing. Except for the Ultra that is €100 more.

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One interesting thing though is that the Galaxy S21 and S21+ are still more affordable than the previously released Galaxy S20 and S20+.

Below are some more images showing some other interesting screenshots from the Voo’s website. Note that the sales pages have been removed.

Note that the pricing might not be just same when it eventually gets to Africa. As custom fees and VAT will be included. But, the pricing won’t be that far from the ones we have out together.

Source: Twitter

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