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Realme 11 Pro Plus vs Realme 10 Pro Plus: Should You Upgrade?

The Realme 11 Pro Plus vs Realme 10 Pro Plus comparison shows the differences between them. The real question is, should you upgrade or rather wait for the next version- Realme 12 Pro+ coming out later this year? To answer that question, here are the factors to put into consideration on where to upgrade or not.

First is the pricing. At the moment, the Realme 11 Pro+ is more expensive. It has starting price of INR 27,999 for the 8/256 GB model. In contrast, the Realme 10 Pro+ is selling at INR 24,695.

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The second factor to put into consideration is the camera capability. And in this case, the Realme 11 Pro Plus is better than the Realme 10 Pro Plus. The Realme 11 Pro+ has a 200MP main camera with optical image stabilization (OIS) which is crisper than the 108MP on the Realme 10 Pro+. More so, the Realme 11 Pro+ comes with a 32MP main snapper which is 2x the resolution of the Realme 10 Pro+.

Another core difference between them is the charging speed solution. Both devices have a 5,000 mAh battery capacity. However, the Realme 11 Pro+ has 100W charging support which is faster than the 67W supported on the Realme 10 Pro+.

But what do they have in common? Realme 11 Pro Plus vs Realme 10 Pro Plus has similar performance. The MediaTek Dimensity 7050 5G and the MediaTek Dimensity 1080 5G chipsets are the same. So across the board, you get equal performance.

Also, the display is the same. Similar sizes with HDR10+ certification, curved edges, under-display fingerprint scanner, 120Hz refresh rate, etc.

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Conclusion: Realme 11 Pro Plus vs Realme 10 Pro Plus

Realme 11 Pro Plus is better than Realme 10 Pro Plus in terms of camera capabilities, supercharging speed, and of course, it’s more pricey. But aside from those, the performance and display quality are the same. So it’s left for you to decide if you may want to upgrade now or wait for the next generation- Realme 12 Pro+.






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