Redmi 9T Vs Redmi 9: It is very common for phone companies to bring new phones to upgrade old phones. But most times, some of these new phones aren’t really upgrades.

This is the reason why we have comparison posts like this one to help you understand the differences and similarities between the new phone and the old one.

There are lots of things to look out for that strike as upgrades when it come to comparing phones. Chipsets, camera, build quality, display quality, battery etc.

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So, in this article we’ll be taking a good look into the Redmi 9 and Redmi 9T and see if there is actually any difference. And if you need advice on which is better by the end of this post you’ll get your answer. Enough said, let’s get started with the comparison the Redmi 9T Vs Redmi 9.

Redmi 9T Vs Redmi 9

1. Build Materials, Display and Design

Both phones uses same build Materials i.e plastic back, plastic frame and glass front. They also have same FullHD display with display size been 6.53 IPS LCD display.

Redmi 9T Vs Redmi 9
The display of the Redmi 9t and Redmi 9

Upfront both phones also have same waterdrop notch design. But there is a difference in the back design as the rear camera of the Redmi 9 is placed at the middle while those of the Redmi 9T is placed at the top left.

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As far as display, material and design is concern, both of these phones offer same qualities. Which brings us to another aspect of this comparison – the Operating System and software.

2. Operating System and Software

It would have been nice for the Redmi 9T to run Android 11 but nope, it still uses same Android 10 found in the Redmi 9. But it seems both phones will also get Android 11 upgrade in the future.

Redmi 9T Vs Redmi 9
Both the Redmi 9T and Redmi 9 runs Android 10

Both phones also uses same EMUI skin software. Which means user navigation, icons and user experience will be same across both phones.

Now that the first two features of the phones are same, what is actually different in these phones that you could refer to as upgrade? This brings us to the chipset and RAM of both phones.

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3. Chipset, RAM and Internal Storage

The Redmi 9 uses the MediaTek Helio G80 chipset while the Redmi 9T uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 chipset. Yes, both chipsets are manufactured and shipped by two different companies. Same is true when it come to performance of both chipsets.

Redmi 9T Vs Redmi 9
Geekbench results of the Redmi 9tlT and Redmi 9

According to this comparison by @Maii_HD on YouTube, the Helio G80 chipset of the Redmi 9 performs better than the Snapdragon 662 chipset of the Redmi 9T. Practically speaking, the older phone is faster than the new phone. Use This Link to watch @Maii_HD review of both phones. But that is not all with regards to the chipset comparison of both phones.

While @Maii_HD focused it’s test on speed the Inside Man from @techrann did an inside comparison of both phones. From the comparison by the Inside Man, he said the chipset of the Redmi 9T has better cooling system. Watch Teardown video by Inside Man Here.

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This means two things; one the Redmi 9T will maintain its cool under heavy use while Redmi 9 will get heated up quickly. Two, the performance of Redmi 9 will drop quickly due to hotness while the Redmi 9T will perform better in the long run due to its proper heat management system.

When it come to RAM and Internal storage, both devices has maximum of 6GB RAM a d 128GB Internal storage. As per this report, the 6GB RAM, 128GB Internal storage variant of the Redmi 9T is only available in Pakistan for now.

In the chipset comparison, the Redmi 9T is better because it has better cooling system. It’s now time to our attention to the favourite feature – camera comparison of both phones.

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4. Camera

Both phones uses same 8MP camera for selfies but there are key differences in the rear cameras. The main camera of the Redmi 9T is 48MP which is a huge leap over the 13MP main camera of the Redmi 9.

Redmi 9T Vs Redmi 9
The rear camera of the Redmi 9T and Redmi 9

From the comparison video by @Maii_HD above, you can see that the picture quality of the Redmi 9T is better than those of the Redmi 9.

While the Inside Man from @techrann tries to swap both cameras in its teardown video but noticed that both cameras don’t fit. Simply put, Redmi really did in fact used an upgraded the rear camera for the Redmi 9T.

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5. Battery and Sensors

Battery is important as this is what determines how long you get to enjoy your phone. And Yes, the Redmi 9T has 6000mAh battery while the Redmi 9 has 5020mAh battery. Both phones uses the USB type-C but the battery of the Redmi 9T is definitely better.

These phones have same sensors, proximity sensor, fingerprint reader etc. But the fingerprint scanner of the Redmi 9T is side mounted while those of Redmi 9 is rear mounted.

Redmi 9T Vs Redmi 9
The battery of the Redmi 9T and Redmi 9

We are winding up this Redmi 9T Vs Redmi 9 comparison with the prices and where to buy both phones.

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6. Prices

The starting price of the Redmi 9 is about 68,000 Naira while the starting price of the Redmi 9T is about 73,000 Naira.

Which leaves the question, between the Redmi 9T and Redmi 9 which should you buy? Well, by all means buy the Redmi 9T as it gives you better camera, better battery and more efficient cooling system. But if you are on a tight budget then the Redmi 9 is also a good buy.

Where to buy the Redmi 9 and/or the Redmi 9T

1. eBay: Use the link below to Buy Redmi 9T from eBay for $190 (72,000 Naira) and buy Redmi 9 from eBay for $140 (54,000 Naira)

2. Konga: Use the link below to Buy Redmi 9T from Konga for 78,000 Naira and buy Redmi 9 from Konga for 69,900 Naira

3. Jumia: Use the link below to Buy Redmi 9T from Jumia for 82,000 Naira and buy Redmi 9 from Jumia for 68,000 Naira

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