Redmi and Poco Phones: Both Redmi and Poco are budget phone line up from same mother company “Xiaomi”. And you can get some decent smartphones at affordable price from both companies. But, between Redmi and Poco, which company makes better phones?

It’s very easy to just point fingers and pick one out of these two brands. However, that will be based on sentiments and our love for the brand. Which is why getting into details of both phone companies matters.

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But before we do that, it’s good we let you know a little about these brands. This way you’d be able to better understand their similarities and differences, this in-turn will help you understand which makes better smartphones.


Redmi was founded on July 2013 as a budget smartphone maker. It’s a subsidiary of the Chinese electronics company Xiaomi. In 2019, Redmi became a separate sub-brand of Xiaomi that focuses on making entry-level and mid-range devices.


POCO is a sub-brand of Xiaomi that was founded in 2018. Just like Redmi, its target is to make affordable smartphones. In January 2020, POCO India became an independent brand while POCO global joined on January 2021. Most POCO phones are considered to be rebranded Redmi phones.

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While both Redmi and Poco might be two separate smartphone brands, these companies share some similarities:

  • Both are smartphone manufacturing company
  • Both companies are sub-brand of the Xiaomi
  • They produce mid-range and premium mid-range smartphones for users.
  • Smartphones from both companies are budget friendly


  • Both companies are owned and managed by different persons or group of persons.
  • Tecno has a different premium smartphone lineup
  • Poco also has a different premium phone lineup
  • Both companies are founded by different persons

Now that we know these phone manufacturers have so much in common with some few differences which of these two phones is better. Well let’s get to understand which is better and why.

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It is very hard to decide which is better between Poco and Redmi Phones. Reason because both manufacturers produce lots of phones in a year that you get confuse as to which one you should buy. But, we have studied the features of their phones which makes it easier for us to actually know which of these phone companies produces better Android phones.


One of the many reasons people buy smartphone s battery. Smartphones with bigger battery tends to last for a longer time and this is good as you can use the device for a very long time. Both POCO and Redmi phones have big batteries inside with some level of fast charge tech.

The biggest battery inside these phones is 6,000mAh and they get up to 33W fast charge tech inside. An example of these such phones is the Redmi 9T and Poco M3. These smartphones features 6,000mAh battery. So, when it comes to battery both brands offer same value.

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When it comes to camera, Redmi phones kinda comes out on top. Maybe this is because it has been around longer than the POCO brand. For example, the Redmi Note series offers better camera sensors and more features.

The POCO X series are really good but still falls little behind the cameras of the Redmi Note series. For instance, the highest camera sensor inside the Redmi Note series is 108MP while that of the POCO X series is 48MP. So, when it comes camera of both brands, Redmi smartphones tops it.


Depending on what you like, both brands offer some really stunning design when it comes to smartphones. Most POCO phones have this rough texture material in its designs that makes holding it feel very comfy.

But sometimes, POCO phones have the circular rear camera module that’s not so attractive. Redmi phones on the other hand have better rear camera modules but does not have that rough texture feel.

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However, designs of smartphones can change anytime. For now, it depends on what your preference is. If you like rough texture feel, go for POCO phones but if you can’t stand circular rear camera module then go for Redmi phones.


If you want to take the argument to the chipset and software used in these phones then there is really nothing to talk about. POCO and REDMI Phones uses Mediatek and Qualcomm chipsets. This is why most of their phones have similar performance during live tests.

Smartphones from both companies also runs Android OS out of the box. And these phones uses same skin software “the MIUI” skin software. So, using both phones gives you same user experience and similar navigation experience.

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So our comparison between these two smartphone manufacturers will take us to the RAM and Internal Storage. If you feel Redmi phones have bigger internal storage and bigger RAM sizes then you have to think again.

So far, the maximum internal storage for these phones is 256GB and the maximum RAM size is 8GB. And both POCO phones and Redmi phones offer space for external storage via microSD card. Simply put, you get same quality in this category.


Redmi and POCO phones makes affordable premium smartphones. This means, these companies helps you spend less to get phone with impressive features. With Redmi and Poco phones, you can buy a 108MP phone for less than $300.

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Given the choice, Redmi phones overall are slightly better than Poco phones. Generally speaking, when it comes to design, battery, software, chipset, OS, and price, both phones offers similar value.

Depending on the type of POCO or Redmi phone you got you might just be getting same value. While it’s safe to place your bet on Redmi phones, Poco phones are not very different from Redmi phones either.

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