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Redmi Note 10 Series Are All Coming With AMOLED Display

Redmi Note 10 series are all getting an Amoled display for the first time. From the Pro Max (highest variant) down to the vanilla version. This great news was confirmed by Xiaomi India CEO, Manu Kumar Jain.

Just so you know, none of the previous Xiaomi Redmi Note series has ever had an Amoled panel. So you can understand now while the news of the Redmi Note 10 series having an Amoled display is a welcoming one.

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Advantages of AMOLED Display

• Amoled display consumes lesser power when compared against the likes of LCD and TFT.

• Amoled display also has a better refresh rate. The swiftness of the screen and its response time doesn’t strain the eyes unlike an IPS displays. So Amoled displays are more eyes friendly.

• Amoled display has the best color quality and sharpness. The deep blacks with its high contrast makes it more vivid than the images displayed on typical IPS panels.

• Amoled display is thinner than other panels (i.e IPS). The advantage of such thin physical profile is the flexibility and lightness.

So overall, its really a great news that the forthcoming Redmi Note 10, Pro and Pro Max will all feature an Amoled display. Which simply translates to quality.

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The Redmi Note 10 series will be announced on March 4. Make sure to check back on Thursday when we’ll have all the specs and details available for you.






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