The next Qualcomm flagship chipset is expected to be announced at the Qualcomm Tech Summit in December this year. And some of its specifications have leaked with something to worry about.

The new Qualcomm flagship chipset is named Snapdragon 898 and it has the codenamed SM8450. It’s designed on ARM v9 Pure architecture and will be manufactured using Samsung’s 4nm process technology.

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Rumored Specifications of Snapdragon 898

Some leaks from insiders’ have shown that the chip will have 8 cores; four energy-efficient ones based on the Cortex-A510 (with increased frequency), three productive ones based on the Cortex-A710, as well as a Cortex-X2 supercore with a peak frequency of 3.09 GHz.

Qualcomm flagship chip
Qualcomm flagship chip

From the leaks, it is said that this core is about 16% faster than Cortex-X1 (thanks to the new architecture). But, according to Qualcomm, the core was overclocked, so the performance gain will be 20%.

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This chipset is going to be paired with the Adreno 730 GPU. From the name, one can see that it is an upgrade of the Adreno 660 GPU currently I use. And as an upgrade, it is expected to have better performance.

Going by the leaked specifications so far, the upcoming generation of flagship SoCs will have improved performance. But will the incoming Qualcomm chip manage heat better than the snapdragon 888 series?

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Snapdragon 898 Overheating Test

From the results of the first test, it appears the next Snapdragon 898 won’t manage heat any better than its predecessors. For now, these tests are only rumors (but behind every rumor there is an element of truth).

Maybe Qualcomm only focused on overclocking the CPU speed and expected OEMs to be responsible for cooling the chipset. Qualcomm chipset are meant for those high graphics and intensive gaming.

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And without good heat management, you can’t use a smartphone powered by this chipset extensively. And if these rumors turns out to be true, then we have a problem.

But having an overheating problem in a flagship chipset won’t allow for proper use of the smartphone. We still have to wait for live tests to see how this new Qualcomm chipset manages heat.

Xiaomi is expected to be among the first OEMs to use the chipset when it’s announced in the Qualcomm tech Summit in December.

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  1. The heating problems Qualcomm snapdragon 888 and the soon to be released 898 have is a reason for concern and worry. While high speed and performance is good to have in a phone all that good is offset and tarnished if it has heating problems. Quite frankly I’d would rather have a 898 SoC without heating problems with equal speed performance of the 888 than to have a 898 SoC with it’s increased speed performance. In other words in my opinion Qualcomm should have focused their upcoming 898 SoC to run cooler instead of faster than the outgoing 888 SoC.

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