Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram recently shutdown for more than 6 hours. During those long 6 hours, Facebook lost millions of dollars. But Telegram was on the benefiting end of the Facebook outage.

Telegram is no doubt a direct competition for WhatsApp and the platform gained more than 70 million new users while WhatsApp and Facebook was down.

It appears that during the outage, a lot of WhatsApp users moved to Telegram. So, Telegram saw a huge spike in registration and registered more than 70 new users.

Facebook loses and Telegram gains

An official post by Facebook said the outage that caused its services to go down was caused by an internal faulty configuration change. More than 3.5 billion users of were unable to access Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram for about 6 hours. This is the longest shutdown in the history of Facebook.

And according to Standard media Index an ad measurement firm, Facebook lost about $545,000 every hour in ad revenue. The stock valuation of Facebook also fell by some 4.9%, and in real-time valuation Mark Zuckerberg lost about $6 billion.

But while Facebook was losing user and money, Telegram was busy gaining new users. According to Telegram founder Pavel Durov, the messaging client saw more than 70 million registrations during the 6 hour WhatsApp outage.

He wrote in a blog post that the folks at Telegram did an exceptional job at handling the new traffic, and no one experience any issues.

The Facebook outage, WhatsApp and Instagram shutdown showed what can happen when all social media platforms is managed by one person. Overall, Facebook lost in the 6 hour long outage and Telegram gained.


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