One of the most shocking news coming out of Russia right now is that about 61 Samsung phones could be banned in the country. Following a lawsuit, a Russian court has reportedly banned Samsung from importing and selling 61 smartphone models in Russia after Swiss company SQWIN SA filed a lawsuit against it.

SQWIN SA claims that the Samsung Pay platform infringes on a patent for an electronic payment system filed in Russia. The chip shortage has affected Samsung production and competition from the likes of Xiaomi has been fierce. A lawsuit and banning of Samsung phones is the last thing the company needs right now.

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Some 61 Samsung phones could get banned in Russia

Citing the RIA news agency, Reuters reported that SQWIN SA filed the lawsuit earlier this year, and on July 27, the court reached a decision. At that time, it wasn’t clear which Samsung smartphone models were affected by this claim, and SQWIN SA filed an appeal in August before the court made it clear that some 61 Samsung smartphones are liable to get banned in Russia.

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There is a chance that Samsung will be able to avoid this as the Russian court has given the company the right to appeal its decision within one of its adoption. Also, the 61 Samsung phones affected by this ruling were not listed in the new report, but it seems most of the Galaxy phones that supports the Samsung Pay platform could be affected.

We still have to wait and see how Samsung will respond to this because having 61 phone models banned will really hurt its market share in Russia. More updates coming soon.

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