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Samsung Exynos 2400 to feature in Galaxy S24 with improved GPU performance

The Samsung Exynos chipsets have lost their place in the chipset industry. Four years back, phones powered by Exynos chipsets were among the best phones but today, phones powered by MediaTek chipsets are ahead of phones powered by Exynos chipsets.

But, a new report has suggested that Samsung is trying to upset the scale in its favor with the release of its incoming Exynos 2400 flagship chipset. According to the new report, the incoming Samsung Exynos 2400 chipset will feature a new RDNA2-based graphics unit with 6WGP.

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This will give the new chipset four times the compute units of the Xclipse 920 GPU in the Exynos 2200 which is its predecessor. If this happens to be true, then the Exynos 2400 will feature a better and improved GPU performance.

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Workgroup processor (WGP) is part of AMD’s RDNA chipset architecture. One WGP has 2 compute units in the new RDNA2 architecture. This means the new Exynos 2400 will get up to 12 compute units in total. For context, the GPU in the previous Exynos 2200 has 3 compute units, and having 12 compute units in the incoming Exynoss 2400 is a huge jump in GPU performance.

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We also expect to see changes in CPU GHz and all these factors will play important roles in the performance of the chipset. Samsung has partnered with AMD and game developers to implement ray tracing technologies in its latest chips. This partnership is meant to allow the chipset to play graphics-intensive games at the highest graphics settings.

Samsung Exynos chip
Samsung Exynos

According to previous reports, the Exynos 2400 will feature a 10-core CPU (instead of an 8-core). The CPU arrangement is said to be one prime Cortex-X4 core, two Cortex-A720 units at a higher frequency, three more Cortex-A720 cores clocked lower, and four power-saving Cortex-A520 cores.

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If the chipset debuts with 10-cores, it’ll be the first mobile phone SoC to feature 10-core CPUs. For those unaware, the Apple A16 Bionic has 6-cores and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and Dimensity 9200 have 8-cores. The Exynos 2400 might power the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, expected to arrive early next year.






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