Samsung Galaxy A71 5G vs Galaxy A71: Just 6 months after the release of the Galaxy A71, Samsung have released the 5G version of this phone known as the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. The question is, beyond the 5G what else could possibly be the reason why you should buy the new Galaxy A71 5G?

This would have been a really short post if we are just here to talk about the 5G. We mean, if 5G is the only difference then you could just look at the new Galaxy A71 5G as Galaxy A71 with 5G as addition.

But the situation is quite different. The differences between these phones goes beyond just 5G. Although 5G is the selling point but it offers even more.

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Let’s take the prices for example, the price difference between these two phones is about $140. Is 5G really that expensive to cost above hundred bucks? Well, if you love blazing fast internet connectivity then you won’t complain about the $140 difference.

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However, Samsung knew that having just 5G as the difference would raise talks hence they went a little further. Actually, the difference between the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G and Galaxy A71 is beyond 5G.

We have put together this post to highlight the major upgrades that should make you possibly upgrade your Galaxy A71 to the 5G model or just buy the 5G model instead of the regular model.

Galaxy A71 5G vs Galaxy A71

Both phones are produced by Samsung Mobile. The Samsung Galaxy A71 as released late last year while it took just six months for Samsung to release the Galaxy A71 5G.

The Galaxy A71 5G is the 5G model of the Galaxy A71. It was released by Samsung for regions with 5G networks. But this does not mean the phone itself won’t work in regions without 5G. It only means you will have to sacrifice using the 5G feature.

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This comparison will focus on if you should possibly spend the extra hundred bucks and buy the 5G model of the Galaxy A71.

Now its time for us to start the comparison proper. And we are starting from the network connectivity of both phones.

Galaxy A71 5G vs Galaxy A71: Network Connectivity

As the name sounds, the very first difference starts here. You get 5G network available in one while you don’t have 5G available in the other. But considering the fact that most countries are yet to have 5G, you’ll only enjoy the 5G feature if you are in the region with 5G.

Galaxy A71 5G vs Galaxy A71: Build, Design and Display

Both phones come with same infinity O design. The back and front design of both phones are literally same with no single difference at all. But there is difference in the build materials which you think its no big deal but it is.

The regular Galaxy A71 is built with front glass, plastic back and plastic frame. While the Galaxy A71 5G is built with front glass, plastic back and aluminum frame. There is no doubt that aluminum frame is better than a plastic frame.

The aluminum frame is just about the only difference in the build, display and design of both phones. Every other feature remains same. Same display type, same display size, same display protection.

They both also have same design both back and front. The aluminum frame is more of a premium build material in cell phones. Here we start to see reasons why the 5G model actually cost extra hundred bucks.

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Galaxy A71 5G vs Galaxy A71: Operating System and Chipset

Both phones run on the latest Android 10 Software along with Samsung One UI software. You’ll get everything Android 10 has to offer in both phones, so there really isn’t any difference here.

When it comes to the SOC that powers both phones, there is a huge difference here. For starters, both phones use chipsets from different companies.

Samsung Galaxy A71 uses the Samsung Qualcomm SDM730 Snapdragon 730 while the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G uses Exynos 980. Both chipsets are very good gaming chipset from Qualcomm and Samsung respectively.

According to AnTuTu score, the Exynos 980 used in the Galaxy A71 5G is the better performing chipset.

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You should expect performance boost with the Galaxy A71 5G compared with the Galaxy A71. You might notice these differences in minor tasks but when you start playing heavy games and doing heavy graphics works, you’ll see the difference.

Other features of these phones are same. They have same Internal Storage and RAM, same camera set up, same rear camera, same front camera, same camera features and even same battery size.

Just before we get to the conclusion, you should see the prices of both phones.

Galaxy A71 5G vs Galaxy A71: Prices

The Galaxy A71 5g will cost you about $600 while the Galaxy A71 will cost you about $467. From the prices, you’ll, you’ll possibly spend over $140 to purchase the 5G model. But, if you are trading in your device with Samsung, you have the price slashed to a more affordable price.

Thanks to deals and coupons from Amazon and eBay, you don’t have to spend that much to purchase the new Galaxy A71 5G. Amazon and eBay ships to various countries, so if you wish to experience the 5G model of the Galaxy A71, use the Deal Alert link above.

Galaxy A71 5G vs Galaxy A71: The Difference

There are three major differences between these two phones

  1. 5G network
  2. Improved build material
  3. Better chipset

The Galaxy A71 5G brings you that premium feel and offer better performing chipset which is really good. So, keeping 5G aside, you have two more reasons why you should buy the Galaxy A71 5G.

So, this is the comparison between the Galaxy A71 5G vs Galaxy A71. Tell us what you think about these phones and which would you prefer to buy and why. Use the comment section below.

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