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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 will have better performance than Watch 5

Samsung is planning to bring more change to the Galaxy Watch 6 series than many users might think. We recently reported that Samsung is working on bringing the physical rotating bezel back to the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro but there is even more.

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According to SamMobile, the performance of the Galaxy Watch 6 series will be way better than that of the Galaxy Watch 5. This is because the South Korean tech giant is planning to power the new Watch 6 series with a new and better-performing chipset.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

As per the latest update, the Galaxy Watch 6 will be powered by the Exynos W980 chipset. This is a new chipset that is expected to be about 10% faster than the Exynos W920 chipset that powers the Galaxy Watch 5 series.

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Having a new and better chipset is a good thing in many ways. One is that operation on the Watch 6 will be smoother and better. Secondly, the optimization will mean better battery life and thirdly, new extra features can be supported on the device.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Price in India

Another important note is that the new Exynos W980 chipset might be fabricated on Samsung’s 5nm process technology. This could mean the ecosystem of will work seamlessly together and is good overall for the device.

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So far, all the news, rumors, and leaks about the Galaxy Watch 6 have been positive. It’s expected to come with a bigger and higher-res screen, with thinner bezels, and higher capacity batteries.






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