Everyone is aware of the rivalry between Samsung and Apple. It seems both phone makers are always out to outdo the other and this means sometimes, one has to copy from the other. This time, it’s Samsung copying from Apple to bring features of Apple Wallet to the new Samsung Wallet App.

Samsung just launched the Samsung Wallet App. This Wallet App integrates features of Samsung Pass and Samsung Pay with other features (some copied from the Apple Wallet).

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Just like Apple and Google, Samsung Wallet App has been around for a while now. But the Samsung Wallet app is not as popular as Google and Apple Wallet. However, Samsung is spicing things up to make its Wallet App more popular.

As part of its upgrade/update, the Samsung Wallet App will now be able to store boarding passes, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, debit cards, digital keys, identification cards, login passwords, loyalty cards, and membership cards. The Samsung Wallet app is currently available for users in the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the US.

If you live in any of the six countries above and you have a Samsung device that supports Samsung Pay, just open the Samsung Pay app and follow the in-app prompts to update it to Samsung Wallet through Galaxy Store.

You can also now unlock your car, start your engine, and share your digital keys with friends and family members using the Samsung Wallet App. The new Wallet App also supports digital automobile keys for select BMW, Genesis, and Hyundai cars. The integration of SmartThings Home makes all the above possible.

The goal of the new Samsung Wallet is to make things easy and give you one dashboard where you can safely and securely access everything.

Jeanie Han, EVP, and Head of Digital Life, MX Business at Samsung Electronics, said, “Samsung Wallet is bringing a new level of everyday convenience to mobile devices with a totally safe and secure environment for storing digital keys, cards, and more. As part of our ongoing commitment to open ecosystems, we will continue to expand on the capabilities of Samsung Wallet by working closely with our trusted partners and developers.

Most of these features that are coming to the Samsung Wallet are not new. In fact, these features have been available for Apple users for a while now. Even Apple made some modifications to the Apple Wallet with the iOS 16 update including a Pay Later feature. Bringing all these features under a single Wallet App is a good move from Samsung and yes, even if they got the inspiration from Apple, it’s a good inspiration.

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