Samsung announced during it’s Galaxy Note 20 event some changes in it’s software update policy. The company confirmed that future flagship Samsung phones will have a guarantee 3 generation of Android OS updates. And this will be starting from the previously released Galaxy S10 series.

Now, we have the full device list and it also includes select members of the Galaxy A, Note and Tab S series as well as all of Samsung’s foldable devices.

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We currently now have the complete list of devices that will enjoy the 3 generation of software updates. And it also includes some phones in the Galaxy A series, Note and Tab S series and all of Samsung’s foldable phones.

As people hold onto their devices for longer, we are working to bring secure protection and exciting new features to the devices already in their hands. By supporting up to three generations of Android OS upgrade, we are extending the life-cycle of our Galaxy products and making a promise that we will provide a simple and secure mobile experience that takes advantage of the latest innovations as soon as they are available.

There is also some new insights regarding the 3 generation of OS updates. For instance, the Galaxy S20 series which launched with Android 10 will get it’s first update with the Android 11.

This means that it will get two more Android OS updates up to Android 13. For selected devices running Android 9, they’ll get updates up to Android 12.

Although other devices will receive the Android 11 updates, it seems the Galaxy S20 line up will be the first Samsung phone to receive this update. And it will be later this year or early next year.

Eligible devices:

Galaxy S series (plus upcoming S Series devices): Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S20+ 5G,  Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 5G, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10 5G, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 Lite

Galaxy Note series (plus upcoming Note series devices): Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy Note20 Ultra, Galaxy Note20 5G, Galaxy Note20, Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, Galaxy Note10+, Galaxy Note10 5G, Galaxy Note10Galaxy Note10 Lite

Galaxy Foldable (plus upcoming Z series devices): Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Fold 5G, Galaxy Fold

Galaxy A series (plus select upcoming A series devices): Galaxy A71 5G, Galaxy A71, Galaxy A51 5G, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A90 5G

Galaxy Tab S series (plus upcoming Tab S series devices): Galaxy Tab S7+, Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Tab S6 5G, Galaxy Tab S6, Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Now, your phones won’t feel old for 3 generations and this is really good. You can now enjoy using your phone for a longer time.

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