When the Samsung Galaxy Fold first rolled out in February 2019, it was immediately returned to the factory after extensive testing numerous error were detected. It was recently released in September 2019 and this time it managed to achieve some incredible results.

Accoridng to Techcrunch, Samsung have sold over a million copies of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This expensive device that costs about $2000 dollars might not have had the sales intended but it sure did bring something into the table.

Did you know the Samsung Galaxy Fold sold out immediately it was introduced into the Nigerian market? Been the first if it’s kind, the Samsung Galaxy Fold have opened doors to possibilities of having more foldable phones in 2020.

It is also very important to note that a million copy of he samsung galaxy fold was sold within 3 months. With a million copy sales at $2000 simply means Samsung have thus far made about $2 billion within 3 months. This simply means that phone users like the idea of a foldable phone and more mobile phone manufacturers might jump in come 2020.

Samsung mobile have also said they intend to sell 6 million copies of he Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 in the coming year. The mobile phone space is going to be very interesting come 2020. We just have to wait and see what these mobile phone companies have in store for us.

The next generation flagship smartphones will be foldable phones and Samsung have just laid the foundation on which others will build.

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