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Samsung might be the first to produce three-screen foldable smartphones

Samsung has always been known to take the bold step of innovating. The Korean tech giant is the pioneer of two-screen foldable smartphones and might also become the pioneer of three-screen foldable phones.

The Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip foldable phones are the most popular foldable phones in the world. But now that the company has stamped its authority in the two-screen foldable phone market, it’s turning its focus to the three-screen foldable phone market.

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Samsung has filed a new patent that shows what a foldable phone with three screens will look like. A report from Patently Apple reveals the patent hinting to what the Korean tech giant might be up to next. The patent which was revealed last week showed the possible design and working intricacies of a three-screen foldable smartphone.

The patent clearly shows that the three-screen foldable phone will have two hinges to fold a phone and its large OLED screen into three equal-sized parts, forming a zig-zag shape. The device can turn into a compact smartphone when it’s folded and when unfolded reveals an even larger display than the dual-screen foldable phones.

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The patent shows that Samsung plans to put some of the sensors and chips into the hinges of the device to adjust the operating system’s UI. According to the report, putting the sensors and chips on the hinges of the device will make it easier to know which state the phone is in.

Samsung three screen phone patent

For example, if both hinges are fully open, the sensors will relay that information to the processor, which then shows UI elements on all the parts of the screen. If the phone is folded in a way that only one of the three parts of the screen is visible, the OS will display the UI only on that part.

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Now that Samsung has filed the patent for a three-screen foldable phone, it hints that the company is working on making an actual product. Samsung has already mastered the hinge, UI, and durability of the dual foldable phone and it won’t be a surprise if they move on to a three-screen foldable phone.

This will be another step in innovation ahead of Apple which is the company’s closest rival. While Apple is yet to debut its foldable phone, Samsung will be moving to produce three-screen foldable phones. Well, just like you, we’ll like to see how a three-screen foldable phone performs. So, let’s hope Samsung will release the first production or testing unit soon.






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