Samsung is going to host a second edition of the Galaxy Unpacked Event on October 20th. From the press release for the event, there is very little information as to what will be launched. But, maybe, Samsung might launch the Galaxy S21 FE alongside new colors or customization options for existing devices.

There was no mention about the release of the most-anticipated Galaxy S21 FE in the press release. Samsung is yet to officially comment about the release of the device. However, a new rumor from South Korea is claiming that the company is going to launch the Galaxy S21 FE on the October 20 event.

 Galaxy S21 FE might launch on October 20

Samsung reportedly delayed the launch of the Galaxy S21 FE due to chip shortage. Users expected the device to launch back in August. Some users also expected it to launch alongside the Samsung foldable smartphones. Then there is the rumor that the company has decided to cancel the Galaxy S21 FE.

But the latest rumor from South Korea is pointing that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be announced on October 20. The rumor also said that pre-order will start same day. Going by the report, sales of the Galaxy S21 FE is expected to start on October 29. Part of the rumor also claimed that Samsung has already shipped official accessories for the device to its retail and carrier partners.

So far, these are just rumor and there is no evidence to support these claims. Earlier reports have shown that Samsung won’t be launching the Galaxy S21 FE this year. But with all the saga and mixed released dates and rumors, only Samsung actually knows its plans for the device.

What do you think? Will the device launch by October? Are you still expecting the device this year or next year? Use the comment section below.

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