Samsung offers free repair services: Yes you heard right, Samsung Mobile in the United States is offering free repair services on selected devices for free. But, this offer is just meant for specific people and it will last for specific time period.

First, let’s talk about those that can benefit from this kind can gesture from Samsung Mobile US. So, let’s find out if it’s meant for you.

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Samsung offers free repair services: Who will benefit

The people that can benefit are; first responders, medical professionals (nurses, doctors etc.), and teachers. So if you fall into any of the categories above, you eligible to get free repair for your Samsung phone.

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How long will this offer from Samsung last? Well, according to their tweet on twitter, the offer will run from now till May 30th. Which means, after May 30th it might be closed (we hoping it won’t be closed though).

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Which leaves the next question, how can you access this free offer? You have to visit their official support page and check if you device is listed.

You can then proceed from there and book a repair appointment. Note that you might be required to fill some pretty straight forward stuffs. Fill in the details to the best of your knowledge and you should be just fine.

It’s nice that Samsung is not just bringing frequent software updates but also keeping an eye on people who have done so much during this pandemic. Thumbs for that.

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