At one point you might have come across a Samsung Phone. In fact, Samsung Phones are among the most popular smartphones around the World. Aside from making one of the best camera and flagship smartphones, the Samsung brand is also a very popular brand.

So in this article, we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about Samsung Phones. We won’t be going into history lessons as Wikipedia can solve that for. But, at the end of this article, you’ll be more familiar with all the phones in the Samsung Galaxy lineup.

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For this article, we’ll list out the various Samsung Galaxy category currently produced by the company and briefly explain who the smartphones in each Galaxy lineup is meant for.

Samsung Phones (sorted out by Samsung Galaxy Lineup)

  1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold
  2. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note
  4. Samsung Galaxy S
  5. Samsung Galaxy FE
  6. Samsung Galaxy A
  7. Samsung Galaxy M
  8. Samsung Galaxy A0

In total, there are about 8 type of phones produced by the company. Please note that Tabs are not included in the list above. Let’s get started with knowing the phones in each category above.

To get started, it’s important you understand that every Samsung Galaxy phone has its purpose. There is a reason why it was designed and who the target people are. This means that Samsung built these phones based on user preference and budget.

1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

Galaxy Z Fold 2

So far, there are two smartphones in the Galaxy Fold lineup – The Galaxy Z Fold 1 and its brother Galaxy Z Fold 2. Just as the name FOLD sounds, the device can open and close just like a book. Bigger display when it’s opened and smaller display when it’s closed.

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The Galaxy Z Fold lineup is the most expensive device manufactured by the company. And to be frank, it’s gaining popularity.

Although the Galaxy Z fold 2 will cost you about $2,000, data from Google Trends suggests that it was among the most searched for smartphone in 2020. Even in the United States of America, the interest of people and interest by subregion for the device is quite impressive even after a long time.

As at the time of writing this content (more than 5 Months after its release) the phone still has people searching for it in Wyoming, Alaska, New Mexico, Delaware, and North Dakota etc.

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This concept and new phone factor of foldable smartphones is kicking off and Samsung is at the top of the game. They have the best folding materials, incredible camera, awesome hardware and fantastic software.

Who are the Galaxy Z Folds targeted at? Well, it’s meant for anyone who love bigger display, multi-tasking and to show off some new tech. But, this does not mean that photo freaks and gamer can’t use this phone.

2. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z flip

The Galaxy Z Flip is the second type of foldable smartphone manufactured by the company. It can be flipped open and closed. It’s also the first Samsung foldable phone to use the ultra-thin glass (which was later used for the second gen Z Fold).

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The pricing of the Galaxy Z flip placed it as a budget flagship device. There is Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ chipset in the device which although is an old flagship chip but also very powerful.

When it first launched, the Z Flip costs a little below $800. And considering the phone factor, technology and specifications, it’s an affordable flagship phone.

Who is this phone targeted at? Anyone who likes to carry a phone without getting noticed will love this phone. Fold this phone in half and it can fit in anywhere silently without giving away its position.

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If you are looking for something premium, yet subtle and convenient, then the Galaxy Z Flip is your choice of device. As a bonus, you also get to enjoy shooting nice videos and taking great photos.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note 20 vs Note 20 Ultra
Source: MKBHD

The Samsung Galaxy Note series was the most expensive lineup until the launch of the Galaxy Fold series. But even though the Galaxy Note series is no longer the most expensive Samsung phone, it’s still one of the most sophisticated device.

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There is this premium feel when you see, hold and use the any Galaxy Note phone. Take for example the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, even after years of been released, it’s still a very powerful device with incredible software and powerful camera.

Who is the Galaxy Note series meant for? Anyone who wants to enhance his creativity and productivity. With the S-Pen of the Galaxy Note series, you can be very creative. And the software enhancement allows you to increase productivity.

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To conclude, this series of Samsung Phones are good in all areas. Camera is checked, Software checked, Hardware checked, chipset checked, new tech checked. If you are looking for the most complete phones from Samsung, then you should consider owning a Galaxy Note phone.

4. Samsung Galaxy S

Galaxy S21 Ultra camera
Galaxy S21 Ultra Rear Camera

The Galaxy S series is usually the first flagship device launch by the company every year. In all honesty, we like to think of the Galaxy S as testing ground for Samsung. They test some new flagship feature or tech in the Galaxy S and perfect it when they release the Galaxy Note later same year.

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A proper case study was the Galaxy S20 lineup. Samsung tested the 108MP sensor which has auto focus issues in The Galaxy S20 Ultra but perfected it in when they released same 108MP sensor in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

But, the Galaxy S is more than a testing ground for the company. New is always available in this line up. And if you want to get an early look at flagship chipset, camera features then this is your device.

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To be fair, the Galaxy S always has most of the features found in the Galaxy Note with the exception of S-Pen (which might change in the future).

Who is the Galaxy S meant for? If you want to enjoy Galaxy Note features for less price then buy any phone from this lineup. It’s the device closest to the Galaxy Note series.

5. Samsung Galaxy FE

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Price In Nigeria

The Samsung Galaxy FE is a newly introduced Galaxy lineup by the company. Phones in this series are like flagship killers. They give you flagship features at a very affordable price with some trade off.

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Samsung usually cut back on some of the features but when you compare the price of the phones in this lineup and its specifications, you’ll see it has value for money. For the record, Samsung created the Galaxy FE lineup for its fans (Samsung Galaxy Fan Edition).

Who are these Samsung phones meant for? It’s meant for Samsung Fans that wants to save money while enjoying the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note features. Only the Galaxy S20 FE is currently available in this series. And you can use the link above to buy from Best Buy if you live in USA.

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6. Samsung Galaxy A

The Galaxy A series is the affordable premium mid-range device from the company. If you are looking to buy a Samsung device with good cameras, good chipset, nice design, good software for less the price, then this lineup is for you.

Galaxy A lineup is also the most popular lineup of Samsung. Phones released in this category by Samsung always have huge sales volume. Recently the company is even bringing 5G to this lineup dew to its popularity.

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Popular phones in the Galaxy A series are, Galaxy A71, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71 5G, Galaxy A51 5G, Galaxy A50. According to recent report, Samsung is planning a separate event to launch the incoming Galaxy A72 and A52 5G series.

Flagship smartphones cost above $1,000 which is quite expensive if you want to enjoy good cameras etc. But, the Galaxy A lineup cost a little below $500 and you also get to enjoy good cameras. For less than half the price, you get premium features. It’s a good bargain for me.

Who is this phone meant for? Anyone who has low budget but also wants to have a taste of premium phone.

7. Samsung Galaxy M

Galaxy F62

The Samsung Galaxy M series is very popular for their big battery capacity. It’s not out of place to say this lineup is the power house lineup. In some region, the Galaxy M series is launched as Galaxy F series.

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From its history, back in years when phones were having just 4000mAh the phones in the Galaxy M series were already having 6000mAh battery. And now that phones are having 5000mAh battery, the latest Galaxy M62 has 7000mAh battery.

Smartphones in this lineup is popular for having; big batteries, big displays, and gaming chipsets. Its focus has not always been on its camera prowess.

So, who is this phone meant for? It’s meant for anyone who likes gaming, watching movies for a long time. Plus, phones in this lineup is very affordable. You also get to enjoy taking good photos as bonus.

8. Samsung Galaxy A0

Samsung Galaxy A02s Price in Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy A0 series is the lineup for budget mid-range phones and low entry device. They are the most affordable Samsung phones and they don’t always come with those mind blowing specifications.

We tested lots of the Galaxy A0 phones and found out one unique thing about them. These phones are very good at RAM management.

Phones in this categories are; Samsung Galaxy A02, Galaxy A02s, Galaxy A01 and all are priced below or a little above $150.

So, who are these phones targeted at? Anyone who wants to buy a secondary Samsung phone, or who has very low budget but still a Samsung fan can buy phones from this lineup.

So, these are the list of Samsung Phones based on the Samsung Galaxy lineup. Every Samsung phone currently falls any of the above categories. And phones in each category above is designed for a purpose.

When next you want to buy a Samsung phone, understand which Samsung Galaxy category it falls into and know what to expect from that Samsung Phone.

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