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Samsung plans to make more cheap phones in China

Samsung manufactures most of its smartphones in Vietnam and India. The company also make use of its factories in South Korea and Samsung has plans of building new factory in Texas, USA. So contrary to what you might have thought, Samsung phones are not actually made in China.

But, it seems Samsung has plans to make more cheap phones in China. The low-end and entry smartphones of Samsung was previously manufactured in-house.

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However, the company started using third party companies to make and sell these phones in China couple of years ago. The company is about to resume such activities in China.

Samsung plans to make more phones in China

Samsung Galaxy A6s was the original designs manufacturer (ODM) phone from Samsung. This device was manufactured by a third party company in China but was designed by Samsung itself.

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Since then, the third party Chinese company has released lots of ODM Samsung phones. Samsung’s main manufacturer in China is Wingtech. Previously it appears Samsung had plans to manufacture 40 million phones in China via its third party manufacturer.

But a new report has suggested that it seems the South Korean company has increased the number to 60-70 million units. It’s said the two Chinese contract manufacturers Hwachin and Wingtech will be distributing these orders.

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ODM phones are cheaper and this makes it possible for Samsung to grab a hold of some users in the cheap smartphones segment. And with the help of third party manufacturers, Samsung is able to put these phones into the market quickly.

Back in the days, there was Samsung manufacturing plants in China’s Tianjin and Huizhou regions. But the demands for Samsung phones in Chine fell below 1% as competition heated up in China. So, Samsung had to shut down those plants.

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The ODM phones (cheap Samsung phones) won’t be only available in China but will also be shipped to other countries. However, these phones will be manufactured in China by third party manufacturers.






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