Through its subsidiary, Samsung Display, Samsung showcased some insane foldable displays in its devices that you’ll fall in love with. These displays are just concept and it gives you the idea of the type of display tech you might see in future devices.

So Samsung showcasing these amazing foldable displays does not necessarily mean they’ll be use in future phones. But, there is a chance that the tech giant is working on these displays and we might just see them in real life somewhere in the future.

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So, what are these foldable display tech that’ll leave you wanting more?

1. Rollable Screen

Samsung Rollable Screen

Samsung revealed a rollable screen that makes is possible for the screen of a smartphone to be extendable. With this type of display, you can carry a tablet-sized screen in your pocket.

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It’s a foldable display that looks much more smooth than the ones we’ve seen in the Galaxy Z Fold. I mean, the Galaxy Z Fold is cool but the rollable screen seems even better.

2. Multiple Folds Display

What if you can fold your phone multiple ways as you told a paper. Yes, Samsung also revealed a type of OLED panel that can fold in multiple ways. According to Samsung Display, with this new OLED panel, users can fold a 7.2-inch panel twice. You can fold it inwards and outwards.

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This means instead of two foods we’re seen now, we’ll be having a device than can fold three times. A device featuring such a panel will include two bi-fold hinges. This allows the user to fold it both inwards and outwards. However, it seems to be pretty delicate.

3. Foldable Laptop

Insane foldable Devices

Lastly, Samsung Display also revealed a 17-inch foldable display which it’s calling the 17-inch Laptop. We know that laptops usually folds but we’re talking about all screen folds. No keyboard, just full 17-inch display that folds.

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From the demo, the laptop will just be the OLED display and all components would rest within that body. It will fold just like regular laptop but without the keyboard factor. Folding will allow the device to achieve a footprint smaller than a traditional 13-inch 2-in-1 laptop.

Which of these insane foldable devices you like the most? Which concept would you like to see come to life? Use the comment section below let’s discuss.

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