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Samsung to bring back the rotating bezel in the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro

Up until the release of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Watch series had the rotating bezel as its unique feature. This feature was how users scrolled through the menu of Galaxy watches.

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Although Samsung removed this hardware feature in the Galaxy Watch 5 series, it seems the company will bring it back in the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro. According to Ice-Universe, the incoming Galaxy Watch 6 Pro will feature a physical rotating bezel.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

After removing the physical rotating bezel, Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro with a virtual rotating bezel. There was no physical hardware to touch but a gesture that worked on the edge of the screen.

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Ice Universe revealed that the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro will have “rather a narrow bezel” too, pointing to a larger screen or smaller body.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Previous rumors have it that the Galaxy Watch 6 series will come with a slightly bigger battery capacity. This means its battery could last longer than the battery in the Watch 5 series. For now, there is no news if other Galaxy Watches in the Watch 6 series will have the physical rotating bezel.






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